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Saturday, July 13, 2019

I loved using Sam's tutorial over at Mixed Up crafts to make this lovely Boxed Fence Card!  She does a wonderful job of showing you how to make it here-

Tim Holtz's Wildflower dies are so pretty!  I thought I would use them to make this card. 

I colored them using my Copic markers.  I love how you can change to look of the flowers just by
changing the colors!

I left the backs white so it does look sort of monochromatic.  I am really just lazy....

The dies are above- I have bought a bunch of them since I really do love the different flowers I can use to make a bouquet!  
Today we have our Grandson overnight!  We have plans to spend the day with him outside playing mini golf and going to the park to play frisbee.  You know...tiring him out... along with us. 
It should be fun!  Hope everyone has a fabulous day!

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Happy 4th of July!

What a beautiful day!  We spent the day with family at my sister and her husband's home in Mass.  They have a fabulous pool!  I spend most of the time up to my neck in the water in the pool!  We had great food and great company!   It was a wonderful way to celebrate the 4th !  Thank you Lenny and Adrianne for the invite!

The above picture is of an album I made this past week!  I think it really is cute since it looks like a suitcase.  The instructions are by Alexandra ( I think )- and you can find the video in the link in  her blog here-

I couldn't find the envelopes she used with the same dimensions so I made my own. I also had paper that looks like leather so I didn't have to do any of the coloring she mentions in the instructions.  I just glued it to some cardstock to make it more sturdy. 

Here's a few more pictures-

This album has 8 pages!  Plenty of space for journaling and pictures!

Each page has a pocket for either a tag or a folded book.  Check out Alexandra's blog to find her walk thru of this album.  I used Graphic 45's Love Notes collection for most of the pages.  Love that collection!

I still want to do some more decorating on some of the pages. I loved making this album!  One other project I have been working on is the lighted winter scene below.

My wonderful brother in law made the frame for this project.  I still need to spray paint the frame white.  But I do like how it came out.  I plan to do some more lighted winter scenes to sell at our Christmas fair.  They are really fun to make!

Hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of July!  Stay cool!


Monday, June 24, 2019

Love Notes Mini Album

I have just completed a Mini Album using Graphic 45's Love Notes collection.  The paper in this collection is swoon worthy for sure!!  I will apologize up front for this long post with so many pictures but I hope you will like the layout of this album.  I used Daphne's instructions from Scrap N Create.  She does a fabulous job in showing you how to put this album together.  There are several videos- I will attach the first one that shows you how to make the base-

I pretty much followed her instructions with just a couple of exceptions.  I didn't do 2 waterfalls- plus I made a few changes on the pages.  But overall I followed Daphne.  The pictures below show the spine and the back cover.  I plan on hanging some charms from the spine.

The next 3 pictures show the first pages.  The left hand side is a pocket that closes with a magnet.  The right hand side is a huge area when fully opened for pictures.   The closure is a card that is tied with a ribbon.  The back of the card has magnets that keep the page closed.   

When you turn the page you will see a fold out on the left hand side with lots of room for photos.  The right is another page that opens up at the top but is a pocket at the bottom.  The cut aparts fit in there and work to help keep it closed. 

The next 2 pages are "Mirror Images"- in that they are alike on the outside.  Once opened I used different paper for the fold outs.   Look at the room!

The next few pages are just repeating the fold outs that were on the preceding pages.  But I used different paper to decorate these pages. 

This last picture is of the inserts for each page.  They have a tab at the end of the page to access them easily.  I did photo mat a couple of the pages and added some pockets so pictures can be tucked in them. 

A lot of pictures, I know, but I wanted to show you the fabulous Graphic 45 paper.  I used their 12 x 12 plus the 12 x 12 Patterns and solid paper.  In hindsight, it might have been more economical to used the 8 x 8 paper since that is the size of the pages.  I haven't decided if I will keep this album or sell it.  It was a lot of fun to make and the paper is gorgeous!  Tough decision!  
We finally got some warm weather !   We actually had hail over the weekend!  Weird or what!  Yesterday it was in the 80's and today it will be in the 70's - Just lovely!  Hope it's nice where you are!  Have a fabulous day!

Saturday, June 8, 2019

O Christmas Tree

I have been working on items to sell at our Christmas Craft Fair in November.   I paired the Card in a Box with Sizzix 3D Christmas tree die.  I love how it came out and it stills closes for mail.  The white tree is done in Gold accents.  I did use an embossing folder to create the swirls on the tree.
A few more pictures below show that I decorated the side panels as well as adding some words to the top panels.

Here are some trees done with green cardstock.   I had a hard time getting good pictures due to the lighting.  It's early  here and the sun hasn't brought in much light so I used my camera flash to help. 

I have had this tree die for awhile.    It was given to me by a friend who was frustrated at putting it together.  It took me awhile to figure it out but after the first one - it wasn't too bad.  I love that it will fold to close so it can be mailed. 

Here is a picture of my work area.  A little cluttered but you can see all the trees I have made.   I didn't take a picture - but there is a sentiment on the back.   It is tough to get in a Christmas frame of mind when the weather is about 70 degrees and beautiful out!!  Hope it lasts for awhile!!

Friday, May 24, 2019

Fairy Dolls

For craft day this week- I got together with  my sisters, Connie & Rochelle and my sister-in-law, Charlotte and we made Fairy Dolls.  They are a blast to make!! The one above is my first one.  My first is never the best but I am pretty happy in how she turned out.

The one below is my second one and I gave her curly hair!  The dolls "clothes" come from silk flowers.  We went to Joann's and picked out some flowers to use on these dolls.  They have all kinds of colors too!

You have to check out the tutorial by the Untidy Artist.  She has several video tutorials but the one below is for the basic doll.  She has great instructions-

I have added a picture of the flowers after I have taken them apart to use as the dolls dresses.  I want to do a Fairy Doll in white.  I think I will use the peach flower as well.  Should be fun!

Check out the dolls my sister's made!  What a hoot!  We had such fun picking out the flowers and then adding decorations!

Love the charms that were added to the dolls above!

Beautiful blue color!

I will close my post with my Cigar box project.  I purchased Graphic 45's Love Notes paper.  
It is one of my favorite collections.  I just love the colors against the black. 

I have a bunch of Cigar boxes that I want to decorate.  I used Tim Holtz's 
metal legs on this box along with the handle used to open the box. 

 I have been busy in my Craft room.  The weather just doesn't want to warm up so 
I am making good use of my time inside.  I know once the weather improves - I am 
going to want to be outside.  Hopefully, it will be soon.  Take care all!

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Christmas in May?

I have been wanting to make this type of Advent Calendar forever!  Now that the Spring Craft fair is over- I am working on the 2 Craft fairs we will be doing in November.  I thought this might be something people would like. Below is a picture of another side of the Advent Calendar. 

The best fun is decorating all the sides.  I used Stampin Up's wreath for the side shown above.  The gold deer you can just see is from Stampin Up too. 

I used Tim Holtz knobs for the pulls on the drawers.  Check out Kirsten's tutorial -
She gives good instructions - although she only does one level- you just have to increase your levels to get all 24 days in.  You can look at Pinterest for many ideas too!

The other thing I have been working on are the Gnomes below.  I saw some on Pinterest and fell in love with them.  The body is some old wooden thread spools I had in my stash.  I glued some wooden balls from Joann's to the body for the head.  In fact, the feet on my Advent Calendar above are what I used for their heads!  I think I will make a bunch more for the Craft Fair.  

I had to share these last pictures of our Grandson, Everett.  He is playing in his first T-Ball game.  Can you see the determination on his face.  He is very serious about his game!  We loved watching him with the other kids getting used to playing this game.  Such fun doing the Grandparent thing!

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Star Shaped Easel Card

I made this card for a friend who has a birthday this month!  It has such a unique look to it and it was really fun to make!  I hope she likes it!  Check out Louise's tutorial here-

I will put the sentiment on the back- plenty of space!

I am sure I will be making more of these cards.  You can go to Pinterest and find many examples that are really fabulous!

I made this cute lantern to sell at our recent craft fair.  We had a lot of fun at the fair!  The vendors on either side of us were really a hoot!  We also met some very nice customers!  Meeting people- that's what I love about doing Craft Fairs!

I love how this lantern came out!

I am still practicing my cookie decorating skills!  It is harder than it looks but really fun!  My husband loves it when I make cookies!

I think Spring is here... I worked out in the yard and nearly froze this week!  But flowers are popping up everywhere.  Can't wait until it gets warmer!!  Hope you all have a great week!