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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Chef Louie!

I decided to do some punch art that I could keep for myself!  I love making cards and I love punch art-I always give my art away- which is fun- but I really wanted something for me.  Wow, that sounded selfish but there you are...!  I was inspired by the picture below that I saw in the restrooms of a local restaurant.  So while waiting in line -I had my sister take a picture of it ( sorry for the glare)!  I thought they were very cool pictures and I planned to attempt to recreate them in paper.   With all the time I have had at home- this was my chance!
I used Claudine Hellmuth's acrylic paint on canvas to create the background. I have had the paints for awhile but have not used them!  What fun it is to paint on canvas!  I really felt like an artist!!   The punch art was a challenge to see what dies I had that would help me make my Chef.   The face is the same technique I use for my clowns with 2 sizes of the heart punch.  The bike wheels were made from 2 sizes of the circle Nestabilities.  The bike itself was from the Marianne Design floral die pictured below.  The umbrella is the top part of the Marianne Design bird cage, again pictured below, and the handle is the stem of the MD floral die. I used the MD floral die to make the chef's hair, too!

Below is the punch art before I added it to the canvas.  I used Claudine's Matte Medium to adhere the punch art to the canvas.  I then went over the piece to seal it.  I am not sure that is the best technique-since the red ran a little and I had to wipe it alittle.  The rest of the colors were fine.  I used alot of Tim Holtz's ink to add shading, for example, on the bread and the chef's apron.  Wow, this was really a big project for me- but alot of fun.  I am going to hang this in my kitchen!!

Here is a close up of Chef Louie!

It bugged me that I did not have the Rooster as in the inspiration picture.  So I added one! The body of the rooster is from Valita's owl punch tutorial.  Check out her blog -
  Here is my completed project!  You can click on the picture for a larger view.



  1. Wowser!! It came out great. The painted background is perfect. I love all the details. Can't wait to see where you are going to hang it. Are you going to do the other picture, too?

  2. Thanks! I am not sure about the other picture! I may do another one-it really was fun. I am thinking about adding the rooster to this one.??? We shall see...

  3. I knew the minute that I saw your artwork what the inspiration came from. You are so amazing and I look forward to having my subscription jump into my mailbox. Yummy work!

  4. oh wow!! incrediable. You are so truely talented. Love, love the idea