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Sunday, October 8, 2017

Vintage Bazaar

What a fun weekend!  On Saturday, my sisters and I went to the Vintage Bazaar in Eliot, Maine.  They hold it in June and October.  I think this was bigger than the one in June.  They had such great stuff for sale!!  We were greeted by these fabulous dinosaurs as we walked in.  The little one opened and closed his mouth and made a noise.  Just loved them both!

I did buy a few things but I got some wonderful ideas too.  We have had several blown down Birch trees in our back yard.  The candle holders below are so pretty!  I will get my hubby to cut them up!  Can't wait to try it!  

I loved the idea below too!  They took a fake pumpkin and carved out a hole and put in a spooky garden.  Cute idea!

I am so going to do this to my rickety paint ladder.  I love black with the stained steps!  The stenciled words are fabulous!

The window below was so beautiful when the sun shown on it.  They took the clear stones you can buy at Michael's and adhered them to the window panes.  Small clear dished were added too! I think it must have been some type of clear resin.   Loved it!

In another tent, they used sea shells and sea creatures on the glass.  They looked like they were floating.  I want to try this!

I couldn't resist taking a picture of this great clock!  I haven't a wall to put it on but if I did-
I would have brought this baby home!  Love the vintage look!!

What I wouldn't give to have a vintage truck!  They had several at the Bazaar but I think they were just for show.  So cool!

 We walked over the whole field and saw everything!  They had plenty of food trucks and even had bands playing.  The weather was just right for shopping outside.  I loved the display below!  Doesn't he look comfortable!  He knows Halloween will be here soon.  I am finishing up some Halloween projects that I will share soon.  We had such fun at the Bazaar and are already planning on going again next June!

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  1. I had great time walking around the bazaar getting new ideas. Next year I am drying a lot of my hydrangeas for the house. They were beautiful at the bazaar. Thanks for the pictures to remind me.