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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Friends are Forever!

One of my friends fell and broke her ankle!  She is going to have to go to rehab for a while to get help with recovery.  I was in the middle of making another, yes another, Cascading card and decide it might be nice to send one to her!  I am hoping this will cheer her up !  She will be out of work for at least a month! 

Here is a side view!  I love the color of the papers I used- It is almost a Coral color! I think this would make a great wedding card too!  I used a Memory Box die for some of the edging.

I recently purchased dies from Heartfelt Creations!  You can use them to make a great Gate card.  But I really love how they look on this Cascading card.  I am sure I will use them again.  Look below to see the actual dies.


  1. This card is gorgeous! Love all of your cascading cards! They are all AMAZING!

  2. These dies are awesome. They go perfectly with the Cascading card. Pink.. Cindy would love this one.

  3. Hi Chris, I'm your newest fan/follower and have been having so much fun digging back into your blog. We have some things in common...I'm a grandma, a fan of Debby4000 (Scrapjourney), a user of Tombow Multi, and 50 is a memory for me too. LOL Have to tell you how much I LOVE your style, your enthusiasm, and love of new techniques. Your talent is amazing. Thanks for the inspiration...going to try a cascade card myself and maybe one of those magic box thingies. xoxo

    1. Love your new cascade card! So pretty and the dies are so decorative! This should bring a smile to your friend's face for sure.

  4. This is totally beautiful Chris, wow, i love those dies too, they seem so versatile. I love the colors you used. Gorgeous.....ihave started 1 cascading card but havent finished it i keep getting side tracked. dang it!

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  6. Hi Chris,

    I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. If I break my ankle will I get a card like this too ... lol! Your cascading cards always amaze me. I think these are so out of my league. The pink designer paper you used on this one is gorgeous!

  7. Hi Chris...thanks for stopping by my blog. This card is absolutely stunning! I've seen this type of card done before but never as beautiful as yours! I love your choice of colors and paper! Your friend is sure to treasure this!

  8. what a wonderful card to receive!! Boy I fell in a rabbit hole when I discovered your cascading cards I love the embellishments you add I am still trying to wrap my head around how wording stretchs to fit... I am facinated (left another comment earlier) you'd never get anything done if I lived near you I'd be knocking on your door begging for help and ideas !! :) E

  9. love it so will your friend hope she heals soon