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Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Happy Valentine's Day

I know it has been awhile since I have posted anything!  That is because I am having so much fun and

are so busy here in Florida.  That is my excuse and I am sticking to it!!  I made this cute card for a friend's Mom who is turning 96!  I love this SVG from My Scrap Chick.  I have the male version of this card too.  

I was also busy making some bag tags for my new Women's League group!   We are called 

Diamonds in the Ruff!!  It is really a fun bunch of women that I feel honored to be able to play with

 every week!   I just realized that I took this picture before I changed the flowers to diamonds- but you 

get the idea.  I made 16 of these tags- that kept me busy and out of trouble for a while.  It was fun using my Cricut to cut out this design and then transfer the vinyl to the wooden tag.  I painted them all with

Mod Podge to keep them on securely.   

I wanted to share with you these adorable SVG files that I got from Sarah from Crafting with Sarah.

Check out her blog here-

She has the most adorable dogs and cats that I have ever seen!  I did download the free files that she offers but I went back and bought a couple more breeds of dogs and cats.  She shows you how to resize them to work on the free file.  I love them!

I am still working on the new cat breed I purchased.  I bought the St. Bernard- don't you love him!!

I better run - we are getting ready to go to the beach and watch the sunset tonight with friends.  I feel bad typing that because I know my friends and relatives in Maine are in a cold snap.   Brrr...

So glad to be in Florida!  Take care my friends!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Happy Thanksgiving!


For Turkey Day

I have been working on some turkeys for the table on Thanksgiving Day.  These are from The Dreaming Tree!  I love how these came together- it is really paper piecing- really fun. I used googly eyes.  It really gives them some personality! 

These are supposed to be glued to a wine bottle but I decided since they stand up on
their own- it would be cute beside the plate.  

I have also been working on some Candy Dome holder cards. I did end up resizing the
file to see if I liked the smaller size.  The "dome" is one half of a plastic Christmas
ornament.  The bigger ornament is 3.15 inches and the smaller one is 2.15 inches. 
I think the smaller one worked just fine.   The SVG file came from 
My Scrap Chick. 

We have been here 3 weeks and the weather has gone from hot to cool!  I am not complaining - it is still
warmer than home is right now.  We didn't have much damage from Hurricane Ian compared to other people here.  We are really grateful for that.  People seem to be coping very well and you can see roofs being repaired everywhere.  We had a broken window and some shingles missing on the roof.  Our lanai had some windows that blew in but they are vinyl and we were able to just pop them back in.  We certainly have alot to be grateful for this Thanksgiving!  Hope everyone has a warm and wonderful Holiday!

Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Where did summer go?

I am amazed at how fast summer has disappeared! And it happens every year!! You would think I wouldn't be so surprised! I have had a very productive summer -at least! The picture above I have made before but this one is for the Italian Heritage craft Fair coming November 6th.  I did add the red sunset in the picture below to give it a little more pizzazz!! I like how it turned out!

I also made this lovely beach scene for the fair! Both of these pictures are 9 x 9 in size. They are SVG files from  I just love her fabulous site- she has wonderful
files that you can purchase.

I have also been busy making cards!! You name it - Birthday cards and Wedding cards!! All such fun to make.

This card was for my brother's anniversary!

This card is from Dreaming Tree. It was for our grandson who turned 8!!

This card was for my nephew who just got married in California!! So happy for Eric and Sabrina!!

Lastly, my sister's and I have started selling some items on Etsy.

This is a photo album box! It opens up to reveal lots of space to add photos and do journaling. Here are a couple of pictures of the inside.

Is you want to check out our Etsy store you can go to -

So you can see I wasn't lazy all summer long! We will be headed to Florida in a few short weeks. Our condo is in Northport- hurricane Ian went right thru our city! Luckily, we only lost a few shingles and a broken window.  We are feeling very blessed since others lost so much! We are so very grateful! I will keep you posted once we get there. I know it will take some time for the area to recover! Hope everyone is well - enjoy your fall!!

Saturday, July 23, 2022

Garden Angel

Where has the time gone!! I haven't posted on my blog since forever.  It doesn't mean I 
haven't been busy!  I got caught up in all the summer activities.  One is working in my garden.  I had some old shutters in the basement that I wanted to do something fun with.  I really do need a Garden Angel since I don't have a green thumb 


My hubby helped me put this together.  The wings are made from some old boards and the Dollar Store has some garden gate things that you can cut apart.  They worked perfectly to add some interest to the wings. 

Then I went to the Christmas Tree Shop and bought the little bird house and the bird.  I love
how it came together.  

I had an old grapevine wreath that I let soak in the bathtub overnight so I could shape it 
around the circle of wood that I found at Hobby Lobby.  I do really like how she came out!!

I have also been making some birthday cards for family.  The one below is for my youngest sister!  Her birthday is today!  This card is an SVG file from Dreaming Tree.  I used some feathers I had in my stash for her hat.   Don't you love her earrings!

The cards below are made from a 3D Papercraft kit that I ordered from Amazon.  It is by Mabel Lucie Attwell and comes with all the layers ready to assemble.  There are several different designs but the kissing kids are my favorite. 

The side view shows the 3D look. 

I also made the card below from that kit.  My Daughter turned 40 this year ( hard to believe)
so I thought this card would be cute for her. 

Sorry this post is so long but I wanted to get back into the groove of posting to my blog again.  One of 
the things keeping me busy is - My sisters and I have started a new blog store!   We have several of our repurposed and handmade items in the store.

You can check it out here-

Hope everyone is happy and healthy and having a fabulous summer!  I know I am!

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

March update


Wow!  It has been awhile since I posted here!  The time has just flown by
in Florida.  Hubby and I have been playing alot of golf! I have also been 
doing a lot of repurposing too! I got some glass candlesticks at Goodwill and used them
as the base for the birdhouses pictured above.  The birdhouses themselves were on a 
chandelier I had made and used here in Florida.  But the wasps down here decided they
liked making their hives in these little houses so I had to change them out.  I used
the birdhouses to make these cute candlestick homes.  I did have fun decorating them with some moss
from Hobby Lobby.

I did jump on the bandwagon and make a tin can pocket.  I used the canned
Brown Bread can and then decoupaged the cute bird paper from Tim Holtz.  I love
how it came out.  The plus is my hubby loves Brown Bread!!



My sister in law got a new chandelier for her dining area.  They gave me what they
took out!!  I spray painted it pink- looks very Floridian. The picture below shows what
it looked like before I made changes to it!

May Update:  Wow!  I had this post ready to go in March and didn't post it !!  We
are now home in Maine.  What a shock - the weather had been cold.  But this coming week
it should be in the 60's!!  I will have a new post soon!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Happy New Year!

I am a little late with my Happy New Year but not that late.  The card above was an SVG file from My Scrap Chick.  I love this card and it is so easy to put together. I think it screams Florida too!

I have been busy stenciling out outdoor patio.  I wanted to put and
outdoor rug out there but it doesn't get alot of sun so I didn't think I
would ever dry out.  So decided to stencil it!  I do love how it came out.
My knees are grateful that I finished it!!  Had to paint the cement with a
light gray first then stencil it. 


I decided to try my hand at making gnomes again. I used to
use rice in making the bodies but I used polyfil on these and
I find it a bit easier.  These are my Valentine Gnome girls. 

The nose is a tennis ball that is covered in panty hose. 

One girl has pig tails and the other has braided pig tails.  The hair
is from a Dollar Tree mop!
I will post again soon to show you the Gentlemen gnomes my
sister and I made while Connie was here visiting.  We had a fun visit ! While
they were here we went to Disney World for a week.  I will post some pictures 
of our trip too!  Take care and stay healthy!

Saturday, December 11, 2021

Christmas 2021


I have been busy getting ready for Christmas and working on some home decor items! The above picture is an old steamer basket that I took apart and fashioned into a Christmas tree!! I plan to spray paint it white and add a ribbon. I am not sure what I am going to attach it to but will update you with a picture when it's completed. 

I used Dollar Tree wine glasses to make this candlestick.  We went to the beach and collected shells for the base. The candle is from Dollar Tree too!!

I did make a birthday card for our son in law this month too!! Masculine cards are tough for me but this truck seem to work well!! 

Finally, I wanted to brighten our patio just a bit. So we painted it a light gray! Next, I am going to stencil a rug for it! I will post pictures once I have finished it!

I wanted to make sure I got the chance to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!!