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Thursday, April 22, 2021

Trash to Treasure

I finally finished by 2nd Easter card and thought I would show it today.  I sent this one to our
13 year old Grandson and I thought he would appreciate a little Easter humor. 

Karen Burniston does a fabulous job in her tutorial to show you how to make this type of Slimline card-
check it out here-

I have spent most of my type working on making items from TRASH to TREASURES!  I thought I would share a few pictures of my projects.

This is my haul from a shopping trip to Goodwill!  

I painted this beer carrier white - distressed it a little and then used my Iron Orchid Designs Crockery stamp on both sides!  I love how it came out!

I put a little burlap in the bottom and will use it for the 2 bottles below that I painted white and decoupaged the labels that you see below!  Don't you love that bee!!!

Here is a frame that was gold and I have painted it white for a French Country or farmhouse look.

I sanded down the detail on the frame and used a wet wipe to bring out more detail.  I
haven't decided what I will put in the frame but will be sure to post a picture once I have finished it. 

This is one of my favorite projects!  I took a silver plated tray and painted it with white Chalk paint.  Then I decoupaged it with a print I found on line.

Lastly, I worked on this cute metal plant holder.  I painted it white and used a little bit of color to highlight the cut outs.  I have loved working on these "treasures"!
  We are preparing to move back to Maine in the next couple of weeks.  I have had a really fun time here in Florida!  Even though I was sick with Co-Vid and ended up with pneumonia too!  I am grateful that I am fully recovered and that both hubby and I have gotten our shots!!   I pray that all of you are healthy and safe too!!


Sunday, March 28, 2021

Happy Easter 2021

I have finally finished this Easter Card!  I want to send it to our 6 year old Grandson!  It is called a Flip Flap card.  I just love making them!  You can find the tutorial that Ann did here-

I must have had an upgrade to my computer and I feel like I have to learn how to download pics from my camera to my computer - all over again.  Also, just posting to my blog is a whole new 
experience.  I think I am too old for all these updates!!

The picture above is the inside of the card- I put funny Easter type jokes inside.  
I do hope he likes them!

I made this card for my sister and her husband's wedding anniversary!  It's another Flip Flap card.

I put the sentiment across the inside of the card.   It is hard to see in these pictures.
Love this different type of card for sure!!

I have continued to turn items I have purchased at Goodwill into very chic 
farmhouse styled items.  

I used chalk paint on the above jar - it took 2 coats of paint and I made sure it dried completely 
in between coats. 

Once dried- I sprayed it with Rust-oleum's Clear Matte Enamel to protect it.  Then I used
IOD's ( Iron Orchid Designs) wonderful stamps with Staz on Ink.  I love how it turned out!!
It is a challenge to stamp in a rounded surface but I don't think it has to be perfect since I was
going for a vintage look.  These stamps are made very well!  Love, love, love - this company!

Here is a picture of a few more items I turned from "Cheap to Chic"!
Most of the items were less than $3.00.  It is fun bringing something back to life!

Here is just a couple more things!  I am in love with artificial flowers!  Since I do not
have a green thumb, I am using them to fill these planters!  It really does brighten our little condo!!

I will end my post with the little duckie below.  I painted it with gray chalk paint.  Just love it!
The weather here in Florida is Hot, Hot, Hot!  We have about a little over a month left here.  We are getting out 2nd vaccine on Monday.  I am a little nervous about that since I did have a mild reaction with the first.  I have my fingers crossed!!
Easter is almost upon us and I wanted to be sure and wish everyone a wonderful Easter and a safe one!  


Saturday, March 6, 2021

Update for March

It feels like forever since I last posted!! I have been recovering from pneumonia that I believe was a result of my immune system being weakened by Co-Vid.  My husband and I had it last Thanksgiving.  I am happy to say we were able to get our 1st shot of the vaccine this past week!!  It seems like there are more vaccines available now!!  

The picture above was a project that I was inspired to do because I was watching some videos by Julie of Julie's design and Signs on You Tube.  She has some great ideas on how to take items that she purchased at Goodwill or Thrift shops or yard sales and make them into items that are upscale and very saleable!  I purchased the box above at Goodwill for 1.99 and painted it with chalk paint and sanded it down to distress it! I added a label that I Mod Podged to the front of the box! 

I just love the project! It was made with old paperback books from Goodwill- 1.00 each. I Mod Podged a picture to the front after I had hot glued the books together and then decorated it with flowers!

You do have to remove the spine and front and back covers.  Julie has a video that shows you how to do it!  
I would provide the link but I can't seem to make it work....

I have also been working on making cards!  I love the card below from an Etsy file I purchased and made on my Cricut.  Too cute!

I will end my post with a picture of the organizational cubes I bought from Michael's.  My Cricut sits on just fine!  It also gave me a place to put my 12 x12 paper.  I love it!  

 Our time here in Florida is coming close to an end.  We plan on heading back to Maine the end of April.  Still more than a month away!   We have had great weather while we have been here and have played lots of golf!!  I pray everyone is healthy and happy and stays that way!!


Monday, February 8, 2021

New Craft Space


I wanted to share the wonderful new craft area I have in our Florida condo!  Now, this is not a separate room as it is part of our living room.  That made it very challenging to find how I was going to work my crafts into this part of the living room.   As luck would have it - I found a vintage Pottery Barn desk at Furniture Encore & Decor up the street from us.  They sell new and used furniture!  

My wonderful hubby put a shelf above the desk so I could raise the piece that
typically sits on the desk.  But I wanted to have full access to the top of the desk.  So we elevated that piece and it gave me additional space on either side.   

I am still organizing my craft stash but I think I am going to have more than enough
room for everything!  I am thinking of adding a cork board right under the shelf to
hold additional items.  

I have been working on Easter cards.  Don't ask me why I skipped over Valentine's Day- I must work 
on those today!!  But I just love this technique-it's called Flip/Flap Shutter Card.  Check out
Ann's video with instructions here-

I will end my post with some outside pictures of our condo here in Florida.  I ended up in the hospital with a bout of pneumonia for 3 days.  My immune system has taken a hit due to having CoVid at Thanksgiving.  But I am on the road to recovery!  Crafting really helps too!
I really appreciate all that the nurses did to take care of me.  They were really awesome! But it is so good to be home!  Here are a few outside pics of our little condo.  I pray everyone stays healthy!

Saturday, January 9, 2021

January's projects!

I have been working on making shadow boxes with funny sayings!  I thought this one was a hoot!  

You can see the dies I used to decorate this frame.  I love Sam from Mixed Up Crafts.  She
has a fabulous video tutorial that explains how to make this Shadow Box Frame.  It is a 6 x 6 frame and just the right size for my project. You can find her video here-

I saw a similar card to the card above on Pinterest.  It was made with a bunch a dies that I 
couldn't afford so I thought I would try and recreate it with my Cricut.  I thought it came out pretty good.  

I used these adorable bear stamps from My Favorite Things!  I just love these guys!

I am going to use this card for my Brother-in-laws birthday...shhh... don't tell. 
I hope he likes my birthday sentiment!

This card will fold to mail!

But I thought the card was a little small.  It does fit nicely into a regular envelope but I
think I like my cards just a little larger.

So I used my Cricut and enlarged it by about 1/2 inch.  I really like the extra space to
add more to decorate.  Lately, I have been in love with Gnomes, all things Gnomes!!

Here are a couple of pictures of my Gnome card.  I still need to add a sentiment to the front and
to the back.  But I wanted to show you how much room you have to add all kinds of embellishments. 

So these are the projects I have been working on so far for January.  Feels good to be
crafting again.  After being sick with Co-Vid I wasn't sure when I would feel up to working on my projects.  But I am back and feeling great.  I have been playing golf too!  We are looking forward to having my sister and her husband come to visit us next week!  I am hoping the weather will be good so we can plan all kinds of out door activities and get into all kinds of trouble!! Should be fun!!
Hope everyone stays healthy!!


Saturday, December 26, 2020

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!  Sorry to be a day late but I was having issues with downloading pictures to my computer!  I had an upgrade and couldn't figure out how to transfer pictures!  Thank goodness my hubby figured it out.   Since my husband and I have recovered from Co-Vid, I have felt so much better and have been doing some more crafting!  Here are a few pictures of some of my projects!  

This Nutcracker card is from My Scrap Chick's SVG files.  I have always had a thing for
Nutcrackers.  This card is easy to make and looks so cool!  Love it!

This is a Pop Up Christmas Tree.  It does fold to go in the envelope.  The SVG file is from Dreaming Tree.  They have videos done by Leo - that show you exactly how to put it together.  I love this company!!

The back of the tree is where you put your sentiment.  You could use this for a place marker at Christmas dinner too!

Dreaming Tree also provides the envelope!  This one would cost more to mail for sure but you could also just hand deliver this type of card. 

This is one of my favorite projects!  Again, this svg file is from Dreaming Tree.  I have little lites in each block that can change color!  Love, Love this file!  

I will end my post with some pictures of my Spoon Art!  I saw some wreaths on Pinterest that were made with plastic teaspoons and I had to try it!  But I wanted mine to go outside.  You have to use a high temp glue gun and I use Gorilla glue sticks.  I love how they came out!  

The leaves are from Hobby Lobby!

Since you have to break off the spoon stems - I used the stems to make these daisies.  I am going to add leaves to these as well!  Such fun to make!

I want to wish everyone a very Happy New Year!  Stay healthy and be safe !!