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Monday, February 8, 2021

New Craft Space


I wanted to share the wonderful new craft area I have in our Florida condo!  Now, this is not a separate room as it is part of our living room.  That made it very challenging to find how I was going to work my crafts into this part of the living room.   As luck would have it - I found a vintage Pottery Barn desk at Furniture Encore & Decor up the street from us.  They sell new and used furniture!  

My wonderful hubby put a shelf above the desk so I could raise the piece that
typically sits on the desk.  But I wanted to have full access to the top of the desk.  So we elevated that piece and it gave me additional space on either side.   

I am still organizing my craft stash but I think I am going to have more than enough
room for everything!  I am thinking of adding a cork board right under the shelf to
hold additional items.  

I have been working on Easter cards.  Don't ask me why I skipped over Valentine's Day- I must work 
on those today!!  But I just love this technique-it's called Flip/Flap Shutter Card.  Check out
Ann's video with instructions here-

I will end my post with some outside pictures of our condo here in Florida.  I ended up in the hospital with a bout of pneumonia for 3 days.  My immune system has taken a hit due to having CoVid at Thanksgiving.  But I am on the road to recovery!  Crafting really helps too!
I really appreciate all that the nurses did to take care of me.  They were really awesome! But it is so good to be home!  Here are a few outside pics of our little condo.  I pray everyone stays healthy!