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Sunday, September 17, 2023

Getting excited for Halloween!


I can't help it!  I love this time of year!  Now that the threat of a hurricane has passed- (it took the humidity with it )- it is time to put out the pumpkins!! It is sad to say
goodbye to summer but I do love the cooler weather!
My sisters and I have been busy making Halloween goodies.  I have used mostly the SVG
files from My Scrap Chick.  I just love the stuff they have over there!  The Frankenstein and Dracula
Popcorn Wraps are new!  I love those guys!

I have made so many of them- I find them easy to put together.  I use Popcorn Secret from the Dollar Store.  They are just a little smaller than the grocery store version. 

I believe these Bats are from Dreaming Tree. I made the stand for them so they could stand up. I also
brushed the creases with a little silver ink.

The Dracula candy bar wraps are from My Scrap Chick too!

I am in love with making these Dome Candy bar holders.  My Scrap Chick has an assortment of
SVGs for that too!  I added googly eyes to this skeleton.  The eyeballs in the cups are added fun!

Lastly, I used My Scrap Chick for the Spiders!  I did add a mouth and some googly eyes to the
spiders as well.  Usually, we have a bunch of kids come for Halloween!  It should be a fun night!
Hope your Halloween in spooky and fun too!