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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Stampin Up Fry Box!

I bought Stampin Up's Fry Box a few months ago!  I have to admit I was a little disappointed at the size of the box.   With all the pictures I saw- I thought it would be a little bigger.    When I went to Pinterest, I saw a few different ways it could be used.   Check out the box at the link below- no instructions but easy to see how to make the box with just using the tall side of the die-
I did not follow the score line that is on the bottom of the die.  After I cut out the die- I laid it on my Score Board and made my own straight score line so the box would stand flat in the middle.
After I made the middle of the box - I just added a Fry box to each side!  I used strips of the same color to cover the area where the boxes were joined.  Of course, before I added the side Fry Boxes -I added a handle.  It makes 3 compartments for candy! 

              At Christmas, I made a few baskets to give to my staff!  I used only 2 of the Fry boxes and put them back to back.  I love how they turned out! So many ideas to decorate them are on Pinterest!

Here are a few of my favorite! 

Santa Fry Box

Wondrous Wreath Fry Box
Silver Fry box
So, in the end - I have ended up loving my Stampin Up Fry Box!  I think there are more options to explore in using this die!!

Sorry for the long post but I thought I would show you the Thank you cards I made to give out after Christmas!  I also bought Stampin Up's Birch Tree Embossing folder!  I think it makes a gorgeous card! 

I am working on a few ideas for Valentine's Day cards!  I hope to post them soon!  Valentine's Day is one of my favorite Holidays!!!   Have fun!!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Happy New Year!

Where did Christmas go?  I can't believe we are already into January 2016!  Time really does feel like it is flying.  The picture above was at the mall- it was so pretty I had to share it!

I wanted to share the Christmas cards my co-workers and I made to send out to other co-workers.  We do it every year and really have a blast making them!  The glue was really flying this year but I managed not to get any glue or glitter in my hair!


Here are some pictures during the construction.  Now the wreaths I did make at home.  They involved more stamping and cutting than we really had time for in 1 night.  This is Stampin Up's Wonderous Wreath set.  I love this set!  Below, you can see how it looked on the cards. 

The finished card is below.  We used all kinds of different patterned Christmas paper.  I love how they came out.  It was truly a fun night to be able to get together and share the fun - it's priceless!
We also made some Christmas "Crackers" that night.  At least that is what I always called them.  I just learned they are called Crackers because in the 'old' days they used to make a cracking sound when you opened them.  These didn't crack open but they were fun to make.
Well, Christmas is over and I am on to other projects.  Bring on 2016!  I hope this year brings lots of Health and Happiness to us all!