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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Sunflower Shaker Card

Whew!  It has been hot here!  Today, the humidity was a little better! Thank Goodness!  But I think it's coming back mid week. Boo!  I need to focus on how fast Winter is approaching!  That always works for me! 
This is a quick post just to show you that I am making cards!  My craft room is hot so it doesn't seem to be calling me as much lately.   I made the Mason Jar on my Envelope Punch  Board.  Here is the link with the instructions on how to make it-
The picture below is of the inside of my card!

I am really into Shaker cards!  I love the gleam and shine of the sequins and/or beads.  I did make the envelope to match.    Hope your summer is going well!  You know if will be over before we know it!  ENJOY!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Summer Fun 2016

It seems like forever since I have had time to post to my blog!  I am on vacation for the next 2 weeks and still have had trouble finding the time.  Plus it took me a bit to download pictures from my camera.  I have been making cards but have neglected to take any pictures of them before I gave them away!  Shame on me!   I wanted to share a few pictures of my Summer fun!  We went strawberry picking a couple of weekends ago!  We picked 8 quarts!  The strawberries were fabulous!! The picture below is of our Grandson, Everett.   I think we should have weighed him before he went into the field!!  He loves strawberries!!

My hubby made this wonderful Garden Pallet for me!  I hardly had to push him to do it !!  We have planted herbs in it!  I just love it because it can sit on our deck and it so easy to go and pick the herbs!!

The bureau was my mother in law, Queenie's bureau. I wanted to use in on the front deck for fun.  I took I from this....

to this..  I am going to set some plants inside some of the drawers.  I love this color!

Here are the last 2 projects-  My hubby helped me put together the 2 barrels for my iron pump to sit on.  The barrels are from Christmas Tree shops.  Hubby stained them and spray painted the insides with a rubber product so that won't rot as fast. 
My last project was this old chair I bought at a yard sale that had no seat.  I used it to make a planter in the seat.  This sits on my front porch. So you can see I have been busy!!  But I want to get back in my Craft Room!  The weather has been really nice so it's been hard not to be outside.  I will be back  with some more projects to share.. soon ..I hope.. Have fun!