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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Brimfield finds!

Here are some pictures of the fun things I found to buy while I was at Brimfield!  I didn't spend a ton of money but I really could have dropped some dough!  The real fun was looking at what the vendors had for sale!   We are planning on going to the next one in September!

This Newell Post was one of my favorite finds!  I love the carved detail and the white washed paint!  I paid $30.00 for it!
Newell Post

These metal clock faces are another favorite!  I have a collection of clock faces some are metal and also wooden.  The tops of these clocks below rotate!  I paid $15.00 for the two of them!

The picture is dark but I bought this glass-less 6 pane window frame for $10.00.  I do plan to hang it on the wall and decorate it a little more with whatever.

I bought the blue tablecloth at Brimfield for $10.00!  I love the color! I also can use it as a cloth to sit on when we have a picnic!  The picnic basket I bought a month ago at the local hospital's annual yard sale.

And lastly, I bought this dress form from a friend that went with us to Brimfield.  I saw quite a few dress forms at Brimfield but they were beyond my budget.  She had one at home that she was ready to part with and offered it to me!!!  I love it!!  I do have to come up with a name for it..???  I am still trying to decide how to decorate it - that will be a work in progress!!!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Brimfield USA!

My sisters and I have always wanted to go the the giant flea market at Brimfield, Ma!  We left Friday morning at 4:00 AM and landed in Brimfield at 8:00 AM.  This flea market is on both sides of the street! What an experience!  Vendors start on the street and can go all the way back into the fields! We had a blast!  I wanted to share a few pictures below-
One side of the street

The other side of the street!

You just never knew what was going to be around the corner! I loved these statues but, alas, no place to put them at home.   I will bet someone bought them!


I love the creativity of the crafter who made these cool dolls!  It made me think of the Wizard of Oz! Just a few more pictures of just a small part of the stuff I saw while in Brimfield.  They will be putting it on again in September!  I can't wait to go!


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Potato Head Anniversary

Yesterday was our 19th Wedding Anniversary!   Where did the time go?  It seems like I have been saying that alot lately!  Anyway, my husband is the romantic in out relationship.  Don't get me wrong- I love it!  But I am more of a whimsical type of person.   Have you ever seen those pictures of people who have been married a long time who start to look like each other?  I was thinking about that when I saw Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head  on Pinterest.  They were done in felt but they inspired me to do my anniversary card!

The other issue was that we had agreed that this year we wouldn't do anything special for our anniversary.  Next year is the big 2-0 and I wanted go all out then.  So no cards, no fancy dinners,etc.  My husband agreed.  What does he do the morning of our anniversary?  He comes in with a CARD!!  I didn't even have one started!!  So I wouldn't open his until I had mine made.  I was searching Pinterest for ideas and stumbled upon Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head.... They really do make me laugh!  My hubby laughed too!   Mr. Potato Head even has a mole by his nose like my hubby!!!  Anyway, Happy 19th Tom!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Thank you tag!

I made this Butterfly tag for a co-worker who was kind enough to help me out when I was in a pinch!  She didn't have to be so nice about it but she was!  It made my day brighter for sure!! 
I used a manilla tag and stained it with some Tim Holtz's stains.  I then used his Distress Ink to the edges- This one has the Vintage Photo Ink to make it look aged.  It is one of my favorite colors.  I did stamp it with one of my written word stamps in the Tumbled Glass Distress Ink.  The larger butterfly is from Memory Box dies as well as the flowing leaf vine.  The smaller butterfly is a Martha Stewart punch! I did add some bling to the tag- just to brighten it a bit.   Making tags is new to me, I never knew what to use them for?   Now, I like them as much as a card!  It doesn't take long to make them and it is a challenge to see what will fit on them!  I think of them as small works of art!  Below is a picture of the back of the tag.  I added a ribbon and an embellishment to finish it off!