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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Away in a Manger

 I am finally finished making my Christmas Cards for this year!  I made a bunch of different scenes for my Card in Box cards.  I was inspired by my sister Connie's Manger card in a box.  I thought hers was really adorable!  You can see hers here-

I used burlap paper to decorate the top half of the box.  I have never used it before but it worked well with the Scor Tape.  The rest of the box is decorated with punch art! 

I made these Angels when I first started making my cards.  You can see them in a previous post but they were made with more of the gold paper.  I made the Angels below with more silver paper.  I loved the way they came out.  I hope you can see how they reflect the light.  I bought that paper on sale at Joann's!   I think the Manger scene and these Angels were my favorite!  Or maybe it was the Toy Soldier's..... They were all fun to make!

 I am going to start my Christmas wrapping which will probably take me right up until Christmas.  I know everyone will be busy with shopping, cooking, wrapping and enjoying family.  I want to wish you and yours  a Very Merry Christmas filled with love and laughter!  See you in the New Year!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas Card in a Box!

 I am having a blast making these Card in a Box Christmas cards!  We send out about 30 cards and this year I am making several different themes.  These are my Toy Soldiers! 

 I use a bunch of different stamps to construct these guys!  The hat is made from SU's tag punch.  I just cut it down to shape it into a tall hat.  I use the oval punch to add the detail to the hat.  You can see I use the tag punch for the body too.  The arms are from SU's slot least I think it's called that. 

 Here is another shot of the construction stage. 

These are my Angel Card in a Box!   Can you find the instructions on how to make these fun Cards on a previous post here on my blog in November.  The ideas are limitless!   Monica Gales's  video instructions are fabulous! 

 I love using the Memory Box butterfly for the Angel's wings!  I use my Bone Folder to give the wings a little curve. The body is from SU's blossom punch. ( I think that is what it's called)  I am working on a Manger scene right now that I saw on Pinterest.  I know my sister, Connie made one and I loved it!  Back to my studio to finish up!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Thanksgiving Past!

I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving!  I don't know where the time has flown?  I know I have been busy and up to my eyeballs in making Christmas Cards.  I did take a picture on Thanksgiving of the beautiful Pecan pie that my daughter made.  We went to Connie and Russ's ( my sister and her hubby) house this year.  We really did have a crowd there!  It was fun to see everyone!    I don't know about anyone else but I really ate too much this year!  All the food was fabulous!

This is going to be a quick post since I need to get back to making my Christmas cards.  I have decided that our cards this year will be Cards in a box.   I don't know if I can make one kind!!!   I have already used these cards so I am working on making some different ones.  I thought I would share the pictures of these fun cards!    If I come up with any new ideas - I will share the pictures! 
                                           Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Angels Card in a Box

I am so in love with the Card in a Box technique!  We just about sold out of these at our Craft Fair last weekend!  I had one box made but didn't have an idea of what to put in it!  After the fair, I saw these cute little angels made from a ribbon die.  I will have to go back and add a link to those angels but I didn't  "pin" it at the time.  

 The Stain Glass window in the back is from a Memory Box die that I cut out several different colors to create the stain glass look.  I also added some glitter to the die cut!

 I love the paper I used for the outside of the box.  I want to say it's K & Company but I thru away the outside cover and now I can't remember....

                                         Here is the back of the card - I love the vintage look!
UPDATE:  I did find the link to the Angels I saw on Pinterest.  Check out Dale's cute Angels!

Here are just a few pictures of the 2 tables we had at the Craft's fair last weekend!  My sister's and I had a lot of fun meeting people and talking about our craft.  We didn't sell everything but we were happy with what we did sell!   I think we may do another Craft Fair next year!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Card in a Box Carolers!

 Here is another Card in a Box that I made for the Christmas Fair in Topsham at the Cornerstone Baptist Church on Route 196 on November 16th from 9:00am to 1:00 pm. My sister's and I plan on having a table there with lots of paper crafts!  I have made these Carolers before but this time I used the Card in a Box technique!   The heads are made from the ornament punch!  I did shape the little girl's head with my scissors- just to make it a little smaller. 

 I love the paper I used from K & Company!  It has a little shine to it too!  One of the best things about this technique is that you the box collapses so you can mail it!  Not too mention it is so easy to make!  The hardest part is deciding what to put in it!  If you check out my last post- you will see the link to the instructions!

The last picture is a shot of the group of the Cards in a Box that I have done so far!  I think I want to make a few more.  I find the 3D effect really interesting and different.  Plus they are really fun to make! 

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Card in a Box!

I hope this post isn't too long!  My sister's and I are doing a Craft Fair in two weeks!  
We have all been working on many different projects - so I thought I would share my newest project! 
I found this technique on Pinterest (of course)  -and fell in love with it!  Monica Gale does a fabulous video with great instructions!  She does do the measurements in Centimeters.  I will give you the measurements in inches below.  At least it is the measurements I used.  Check out her video first to get an idea of how to make this adorable card/box!


Side View    
I used a piece of 12 x 12 card stock and cut it at 5 7/8.  You will score on the 12 inch side at
2 3/4, 5 1/2, 8 1/4 and 11 inches.   Then turn your card stock so the short side is at the top of your score board and score at 2 3/4.   You can follow Monica's instructions from here.  I didn't add the measurements for the decorative paper since I think everyone may have a different idea of how much of a rim they like to have showing around your decorative paper.
For the inserts measurements - I used 3.75 inches x 1 inch and then scored each end at 1/2 inch.

I used the owl punch to make the little penguins.  Their little flippers are the ears of the owls. I love that Stampin Up punch!

Back before sentiment is added

 Here is another peaceful scene that I made using a bunch of different tree dies and a Memory Box die of deer.  I don't think you can see all the glitter I used on the trees.  This box is one of my favorite. 

 I love how these boxes fold and can be mailed quite easily!  I will be making some envelopes with my Envelop Punch Board.

Close up
 I think if we have any cat lover's at the fair- they will like this card.  You can't see it but there is
also a cat sitting on the window sill.  I used the Madison Window from Memory Box.  I did cut it down a little so it didn't stick up quite as high.  The tree is from a Martha Stewart punch. 

Close up

 Here is a shot of all three!  I am going to make a few more and then start on something else. We only have 2 weeks!  Yikes!  Next year we will plan to start earlier!!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Halloween Flying Easel

Just a quick post today!  I have been working on a Halloween card for my Grandson.  I love Karen iston's idea for the Flying Easel card!  I used the Sizzix die for the ghosts, skeleton and bats  The frame is from Spellbinders.  I believe the paper is from K & K Company.  I had to put the sentiment on the bottom of the card since the back has been mostly cut away.   Here is a tutorial that Karen shared on her blog. 


 I love how the ghosts seems to float above the card!  I can't believe we are already looking at the end of October.  I took a walk the other day and took a few pictures of the color around the condos. It was beautiful!

 The tree below was soooo beautiful when it first turned orange!  The leaves are dropping now but it is still gorgeous!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Boxed Mini Album

 I recently purchased the directions to make a Boxed Mini Album from Paper Hoarder Disorder!  I love how easy it is to make!  Last weekend, my sisters and I got together to make one!  I am still working on that one but here is the one I made and decorated when I got the directions!  I don't have any pictures in it but I just love the design.  Check out Paper Hoarder's blog for pictures of her Boxed Mini Albums-

The flaps of the box fall open to reveal the pages of the Mini Album.  So cool!

                                I used a variety of papers to decorate.  Some pages have side slots to tuck in pictures and such.                            

                                 Here are just a few pictures of the pages.  I love this paper!  I made a belly band on the left hand side.  The right has a nice place to tuck more stuff!

                                 The picture above is the bottom of the album.  I think I will add a pocket here.  There is plenty of room to be creative!     


                            You can stand the box on one end!  I still need to decorate the top!  I think I will save it for Valentine's Day! 

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Craft Room Carousel!

 I love my new Carousel for my craft room! I saw the idea on Pinterest and thought it was a fabulous idea!  You can check out Taniesa's blog for more pictures of her Carousel.   I even love the name of her blog- The Crafty Pickle!  Thank you, Taniesa for such a great idea!


I paid about $25.00 for the Carousel. They have them at Best Buy! They are made by Keurig and called the Kue.  They are really made to hold the Keurig coffee cups.  Don't make a mistake and buy the shorter carousels.  This one is pretty tall.  The mini cups I used are at Walmart for about $3.99 and come with the covers.   I can see into the cups easily!  The cups hold my beads and such for making Chunky Charms!

 I love finding things that help organize my Craft Room.  Below, you can see the Banana Stand that I use when I am making my Chunky Charms.  I love using the charms to decorate mini albums or whatever!  It 's my new fun thing to do!