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Saturday, December 11, 2021

Christmas 2021


I have been busy getting ready for Christmas and working on some home decor items! The above picture is an old steamer basket that I took apart and fashioned into a Christmas tree!! I plan to spray paint it white and add a ribbon. I am not sure what I am going to attach it to but will update you with a picture when it's completed. 

I used Dollar Tree wine glasses to make this candlestick.  We went to the beach and collected shells for the base. The candle is from Dollar Tree too!!

I did make a birthday card for our son in law this month too!! Masculine cards are tough for me but this truck seem to work well!! 

Finally, I wanted to brighten our patio just a bit. So we painted it a light gray! Next, I am going to stencil a rug for it! I will post pictures once I have finished it!

I wanted to make sure I got the chance to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!!