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Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Happy Thanksgiving!


For Turkey Day

I have been working on some turkeys for the table on Thanksgiving Day.  These are from The Dreaming Tree!  I love how these came together- it is really paper piecing- really fun. I used googly eyes.  It really gives them some personality! 

These are supposed to be glued to a wine bottle but I decided since they stand up on
their own- it would be cute beside the plate.  

I have also been working on some Candy Dome holder cards. I did end up resizing the
file to see if I liked the smaller size.  The "dome" is one half of a plastic Christmas
ornament.  The bigger ornament is 3.15 inches and the smaller one is 2.15 inches. 
I think the smaller one worked just fine.   The SVG file came from 
My Scrap Chick. 

We have been here 3 weeks and the weather has gone from hot to cool!  I am not complaining - it is still
warmer than home is right now.  We didn't have much damage from Hurricane Ian compared to other people here.  We are really grateful for that.  People seem to be coping very well and you can see roofs being repaired everywhere.  We had a broken window and some shingles missing on the roof.  Our lanai had some windows that blew in but they are vinyl and we were able to just pop them back in.  We certainly have alot to be grateful for this Thanksgiving!  Hope everyone has a warm and wonderful Holiday!