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Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Merry Christmas!


I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!  I thought I would share a few pictures from our Christmas Day.  These are the cookies we made and decorated for our Christmas Party!  I am practicing so I can get better at this!!

My sisters and I got together and made the lantern below to give as favors on Christmas.  Each one is a little different.   

My sister, Rochelle, made the train below for a center piece!  I think it is so adorable. I want to make one too!  She says it isn't hard to make at all.  You can find the tutorial below from Mixed Up Crafts.  I love her blog!

Our Grandson, Ezra, got a big surprise on Christmas morning!  His family now has a fabulous ATV.  He can't wait to get home to drive it!!

Here's Ezra's dad with his Christmas sweater.  The stockings are removable.  I love this sweater!!

This was the best Yankee swap today! My brother in law ended up with it and he promptly put it on his toilet.  I love this too!

I wanted to show my favorite gift this year.  This is Tim Holtz's storage cart.  I put it together myself.  I can't wait to use it!  I am sure I will feel more organized with this fabulous gift. 

I had a fabulous Christmas with the family.  These are just a few pictures of some of the fun!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas too.  I also hope the new year is full of fun and excitement- Happy New Year!!

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Christmas 2018

Can you believe Christmas is just around the corner?  We put up most of our Christmas decorations after Thanksgiving!  The Manger above is my most favorite!  This year, for my birthday, I got the 3Wise men.  I love this Willow Tree nativity scene. 

I thought I would show you my Christmas card for this year!  The deer are from Stampin Up's Dashing deer set.  What I love most about this card is the shading used for the back ground.  I used the brushes below - which are new to me!  I found them on Amazon and they are fabulous.  I think they are easier to use than the Tim Holtz's brushes.   Now, they are advertised as makeup brushes but they are great for shading craft inks- you can't use Stazon or any ink like that but your Tim Holtz inks and Stampin Up inks work fine.  I watched a video about them-

I have posted pictures of the large Lanterns I made for Christmas.  But I have been working on making smaller lanterns for putting candy inside.  I made 2 mid sized lanterns and one mini lantern.   Sam, from Mixed Up crafts did a great tutorial for the mini lantern!  You can check that out here-

You can see the size difference below-

I think this one below is my favorite!

I will end my post with a picture of our living room with the Christmas decorations up!  It's going to be a busy month- so if I don't get a chance to do another post- I want to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !!