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Saturday, December 26, 2020

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!  Sorry to be a day late but I was having issues with downloading pictures to my computer!  I had an upgrade and couldn't figure out how to transfer pictures!  Thank goodness my hubby figured it out.   Since my husband and I have recovered from Co-Vid, I have felt so much better and have been doing some more crafting!  Here are a few pictures of some of my projects!  

This Nutcracker card is from My Scrap Chick's SVG files.  I have always had a thing for
Nutcrackers.  This card is easy to make and looks so cool!  Love it!

This is a Pop Up Christmas Tree.  It does fold to go in the envelope.  The SVG file is from Dreaming Tree.  They have videos done by Leo - that show you exactly how to put it together.  I love this company!!

The back of the tree is where you put your sentiment.  You could use this for a place marker at Christmas dinner too!

Dreaming Tree also provides the envelope!  This one would cost more to mail for sure but you could also just hand deliver this type of card. 

This is one of my favorite projects!  Again, this svg file is from Dreaming Tree.  I have little lites in each block that can change color!  Love, Love this file!  

I will end my post with some pictures of my Spoon Art!  I saw some wreaths on Pinterest that were made with plastic teaspoons and I had to try it!  But I wanted mine to go outside.  You have to use a high temp glue gun and I use Gorilla glue sticks.  I love how they came out!  

The leaves are from Hobby Lobby!

Since you have to break off the spoon stems - I used the stems to make these daisies.  I am going to add leaves to these as well!  Such fun to make!

I want to wish everyone a very Happy New Year!  Stay healthy and be safe !!


Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Christmas 2020

I am sorry it has been so long since I have posted to my blog!  We traveled to Florida the first week in November.  We have been having a great time playing golf and enjoying the Florida weather.  But 2 weeks ago, my husband and I were diagnosed with Co-Vid 19.  I have been quite sick with the virus but my husband has only had sniffles.  Today is the 1st day I have felt like myself again, although still quite weak.

Before I can down with the virus - I did make some Slim Line cards.  I thought I would share a couple with you-

I love these little elves!  I used my Cricut to make the windows for the card.  I know they now
sell dies to do that but the Cricut makes it really easy!

These Slim Line cards are my new favorite thing to make!  The one above 
made a great birthday card!

I love this card too!  Now it will cost more to mail but love, love cards with bling!
Aren't the bears cute?

This is just a short post but hope to feel stronger every day.  I want to start crafting again too!
I pray you all stay healthy!!