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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Turkey Placecard Tutorial

I taped another video to demonstrate how to make a Turkey placecard from a Pyramid card.  Does anyone remember the Seinfeld episode of "Close Talker"?  Well, after viewing this video it reminded me of it.  I was experimenting on getting the camer closer.... not so good.  But in the interest of time- for some reason this took forever to upload on Youtube- I have not retaped it.  Oh- Also, I ran out of time again, and had to finish it on Part II.  I will never be an expert!  Happy Thanksgiving!

I forgot the instruction for the first part of the Turkey's tail. I used the Circle Spellbinder's that measures 3.5". You would cut a slit to just the center of the circle. Then fold back the edges to allow enough space to glue it to the Pyramid. Sorry for the omission!