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Saturday, May 26, 2018

In the Woods

I bought Becca Feeken's 3D Vignettes some time ago and just love making these multi layered cards.  I have to say they make such beautiful wedding cards!  But my sister shared with me a video that showed Memory Box's wonderful Collage dies and the first thing I thought was will it work with the sets I have from Becca's line.  Check out the video below- you will see Olga used the Grand Arch die for the base.  I don't have that particular die.  I have the other 2- Grand Dome and Grand Cabinet. But I am happy to say this design works in both!!

There is something about the way the card tunnels down that creates such a peaceful scene.  I have made one to use for Father's Day.   I am undecided about how to use the others .  I could use them both as Father's Day cards but might make them for birthday cards instead.  Do you see that kitty eyeing those cardinals!!

On the next card, I used Karen Burniston's little woodland animal.  I believe the trees on the front are from Marianne Designs.  I have had them for so long- I have forgotten where I got them.  I do have Waffle Flower's Arched dies but for this card I used an Oval die and the scene showed thru just fine. 

I wanted to use another color besides green so I tried out a shade of blue for the trees below.  The trees behind the blue layer are still green but more on the blue side.  

The light you see coming thru the trees are from tea lights.  I think they add another dimension to these cards.  The back of all these cards have Vellum for the last layer so that the light will shine thru easily.    Wouldn't they look great sitting on someone's shelf? 

I have not added the sentiments to the cards but will use the top half of the back of the card where it will not affect the front scene. 

To make these cards I used four of the Memory Box Collage Collection.  Now, I goofed and purchased the Woodland Glimpse die instead of the Thicket die that Olga used in her video.  But that die has more of what looks like bushes in the die.  It is the 4th one over from the left.  I really like that since most woods do have bushes.  

You can see the multi layers in the picture below.  I have added Memory Box's deer to my scenes.  I think these cards have more of a masculine feel to them.  That is quite a change from the Wedding or Birthday cards I usually make with them.  I just love them!  These cards will be for sale at the Spring  Craft Fair coming up on June 9th & 10th at the Italian Heritage Center in Portland. 

The weather here has turned fabulous - in the 80's!  Well, at least for one day!  We are headed to  sister Adrianne's  house in Massachusetts for Memorial Day!  I hope everyone has a fun weekend!

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Wedding Fever

Ok, I've got it!   Yup, Wedding Fever.  I didn't get  up early to watch Harry & Megan get married.  But I did see it later and I loved it!  Megan was so beautiful!  She didn't look a bit nervous to me!  I think I would have been scared to death with all those people there at the wedding and on TV.   Yikes!  She looked so very happy!!

So in honor of their wedding -  I made a few wedding cards.  I bought Becca Feeken's beautiful 3D Grand Dome base die.  I couldn't resist the Wedding die and the Tiara Rondelle die that goes with it.  They are all so pretty!

I made these cards in white, gray and pink.  The Tiara is silver paper with pearls.  

It does close up so it can be mailed.  I love making wedding cards with these dies.  

The following cards are made with Heartfelt Creations Fushia stamps and dies.  I have attached them to an Easel card.  

I love the colors in this card.  It is would be perfect for a Spring Wedding. 

This also closes so it can be mailed.  It would probably cost more since it is so bulky.  I have made a box to put it in- good if you are handing the card to the happy couple. 

This last card I have made before but I really like the design.  The dress isn't as pretty as Megan's but it will do.   

All these cards will be for sale at the Italian Heritage Spring Craft Fair on June 9th & 10th.  I am headed back to the TV to watch the wedding just one more time!!!   Sigh...  
Have a great Sunday!

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Baby Crib Cards

I have been working on making Welcome Baby cards for the Italian Heritage Spring Craft fair coming up on June 9th & 10th in Portland.  My sisters and I are excited about having a booth at this event.  These are fun to  make and really not too difficult.  I use Tim Holtz Birdcage die to make the front of the crib.  I did a tutorial back in 2015 on how to make these.  You can check it out here-

I haven't changed them too much.  I did use Heartfelt Creations border die for the lacy top of the crib.  I also used Marianne Designs teddy bear for the stuffed animal.  This die makes into a Panda Bear too!  So cute!

I have used this sentiment many times.  I love the little bit of whimsy this gives a baby card. 

The rest of the dies are from Sizzix and I have had them for years.  I love that I get to use these dies when I make these cards.  They do still collapse to mail.  Anyway, I love making them and thought I would share these photos again.   

Here 's a few more pictures during construction--

Here is a picture of a couple of the dies I used. 

On to more projects!!  Have a fabulous afternoon!

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Animal Pyramid Card Parade

This afternoon has turned into a rainy afternoon.  But everything is turning green and it is really looking like Spring- so I don't mind.  It gives me a chance to work in my craft room too- instead of outside raking and such.   The pictures above show the Pyramid cards that I have been making for the Craft Fair in June.   I have made Pyramid cards back a few years ago.  I have made some new ones and updated a few oldie but golden ones.  

These Angry Bird Pyramid cards are new for me.  I have to chuckle when I see them since they are Birthday Cards and the look on their faces is how I feel about my birthdays now!   These were fun to make and easy too!  Mostly made with pretty basic circle dies and punches.   

The Prince Frogs are new too!  Love the eyes and bow ties!  I have a cute punch that makes the bow ties.  

Now, the Giraffes I have made before.  But I did add the glasses.  Don't they look smart?  They are supposed to be standing by a bush and eating it too.

I made this dinosaur before too.  I just love the face!  All these cards are birthday cards.  I am hoping someone will like these because I really have fun making them!  On to the next project!