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Friday, October 25, 2013

Halloween Flying Easel

Just a quick post today!  I have been working on a Halloween card for my Grandson.  I love Karen iston's idea for the Flying Easel card!  I used the Sizzix die for the ghosts, skeleton and bats  The frame is from Spellbinders.  I believe the paper is from K & K Company.  I had to put the sentiment on the bottom of the card since the back has been mostly cut away.   Here is a tutorial that Karen shared on her blog. 


 I love how the ghosts seems to float above the card!  I can't believe we are already looking at the end of October.  I took a walk the other day and took a few pictures of the color around the condos. It was beautiful!

 The tree below was soooo beautiful when it first turned orange!  The leaves are dropping now but it is still gorgeous!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Boxed Mini Album

 I recently purchased the directions to make a Boxed Mini Album from Paper Hoarder Disorder!  I love how easy it is to make!  Last weekend, my sisters and I got together to make one!  I am still working on that one but here is the one I made and decorated when I got the directions!  I don't have any pictures in it but I just love the design.  Check out Paper Hoarder's blog for pictures of her Boxed Mini Albums-

The flaps of the box fall open to reveal the pages of the Mini Album.  So cool!

                                I used a variety of papers to decorate.  Some pages have side slots to tuck in pictures and such.                            

                                 Here are just a few pictures of the pages.  I love this paper!  I made a belly band on the left hand side.  The right has a nice place to tuck more stuff!

                                 The picture above is the bottom of the album.  I think I will add a pocket here.  There is plenty of room to be creative!     


                            You can stand the box on one end!  I still need to decorate the top!  I think I will save it for Valentine's Day! 

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Craft Room Carousel!

 I love my new Carousel for my craft room! I saw the idea on Pinterest and thought it was a fabulous idea!  You can check out Taniesa's blog for more pictures of her Carousel.   I even love the name of her blog- The Crafty Pickle!  Thank you, Taniesa for such a great idea!


I paid about $25.00 for the Carousel. They have them at Best Buy! They are made by Keurig and called the Kue.  They are really made to hold the Keurig coffee cups.  Don't make a mistake and buy the shorter carousels.  This one is pretty tall.  The mini cups I used are at Walmart for about $3.99 and come with the covers.   I can see into the cups easily!  The cups hold my beads and such for making Chunky Charms!

 I love finding things that help organize my Craft Room.  Below, you can see the Banana Stand that I use when I am making my Chunky Charms.  I love using the charms to decorate mini albums or whatever!  It 's my new fun thing to do!