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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Disney 2015

Lego Dragon

 We went to Disney World and stayed at Board Walk  the first week in February!  The weather was fine  - not hot but 60's and 70's.   I loved it!  Now that another winter storm is coming - I would go back in a wink!  I wanted to share just a couple of pictures of our trip.  Once I looked back at our pictures, I realized dragons seemed to be a theme for me.   My grandson, Ezra, will love that! 

Peter Pan Alligator/looked like a dragon to me.

How cool is this dragon!  It was a little cool the day of the parade so I was hoping this dragon would look my way.  I could almost feel the heat from his mouth!!!

Parade Dragon

One of my favorite dragons!  I think it is Puff the Magic Dragon!!!  I love him!

Light Parade Dragon

Anyway, I love Disney at night!  Here are a few pictures of our trip at night!



Epcot fireworks

View from our room at Board Walk

Last pictures-  I love the candy store at Downtown Disney.  I go in just to take pictures- maybe buy a couple of sweets too!  I will end my post here- We had fun but it is great to be home to our new home.   Can't wait til we go back to Disney again!!!