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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Birthday Fairy!

I have been working on a Birthday day for no one in particular.  My Sisters and I went to the Creative Keepsakes Convention in Manchester, NH this past weekend and I bought a new Stamp and the dies!  I love AI's spinning stamps!  This Birthday Fairy is my favorite!   I found the sentiment on line and I think it is a hoot ... and very true!

Can you read it?  

Watch out for the Birthday Fairy!
Every time she visits she brings
one of her friends along...
Wrinkle Fairy, Gray Hair Fairy,
Bad Back Fairy, Big Butt Fairy
and Bad Eyesight Fairy!

Man, I wish that Fairy didn't have so many friends!!  I haven't posted in awhile. Believe it or not, I am working on Christmas projects!!  Really!!  I am not going to be last minute this year.  It's the ideas that take me a while to work out.  No!  Not this year!   We had 4 inches of snow this week!  This has got to be the latest that has happened but it helped put me in a Christmas mood!!

Anyway, here is a picture of the stamp set I used!   The picture I took of the back came out too blurry but I love the fact that you have both the front and the back!!   I love her!!!  I might try another card with her!  Have fun!


After posting this card-  I thought it needed more embellishment!  I couldn't resist adding some ribbons!  Now it is really over the top-!

Here is a shot of the back- this is where I will add some white card stock in order to sign the card!  I love that this stamp has a front and back!

The final picture shows the card when it is closed.  It will be easy to make an envelope in order to mail it!  Hope you enjoyed this card- I do get a chuckle when I look at it!!