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Friday, November 24, 2023

Happy Thanksgiving!

 I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving! It goes by so fast!! It will be Christmas before we know it!! I am working on my Christmas cards now. Will post a picture once I have completed them! My turkey is an svg file from Dreaming Tree! I loved making this guy!  Happy crafting!!

Monday, November 13, 2023

Halloween is over!

 Hard to believe how fast the time has gone.  I haven't posted since before Halloween!  We are already in Florida enjoying some pretty warm weather- in the high 80's.  I know it is cold in Maine right now.!!  I thought I would show some pictures of the items I made for Halloween.

I went crazy with some of the svg's that Loris Whitlock offers at

She has some fabulous designs for Halloween and for fall. The pumpkins are my favorite!

I also purchase some of her Christmas ornaments.  They are really easy to make!  The one below has a tealight in it. 

I tried using different colored card stock too!

I also tried enlarging the file to make a slightly bigger pumpkin. I really like both sizes. 

I put a tea light in this one too!

This lovely shadow box is from Xuyen craft store on Esty.  I purchased this file because I love how beautiful it looks with fairy lights in it.  It isn't too had to make either.  This seller has more files that I 
may be tempted to purchase for Christmas decorations.  

My sisters and I did a Christmas craft show just before we headed south.  We had a great turnout and did very well. But the most fun at these events are the people that you meet.  It was fun!  Can you believe Christmas is just around the corner?  I am thinking my next post will be centered around some Christmas projects!  Talk soon!