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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Fall Projects!

I am sorry it's been so long since I have posted anything on my blog!  I have been busy, busy!  Every year, my office gets together to make Christmas cards for the other offices.  I will make a few different cards and then we select which one it will be.  Most of these cards I saw on Pinterest!  It seems like that is where most of my inspiration comes from lately. 

I love the card above!  The dies comes from Memory Box.  It just has such a serene feel to it. 

This card makes me laugh.  I have done a bunch of singing reindeer, Santas and snowmen in the past.  But I like this one singing all by himself.

The card above and the card below are made from dies/ punches from Stampin Up.  I bought them so I want to use them!!  I think both these cards are contenders. 

It will be interesting to see which one they pick!  We have to make about 20 of them!  It should be fun.  I will let you know which one they pick.

I am also playing around with making Gingerbread houses to fill with goodies.  I am still experimenting on the design.  It might be a little while before I post again.   My husband and I have bought a new house!  We have been living in a condo and have loved it but it has really become too small.  Plus as I get closer to retirement, I realize I would like to do some gardening. Our kids are having kids-and with the dogs and all- the condo is just too small.  We close on the new house in December.  We still have to sell this condo so I will be cleaning, moving and cleaning.  I hate to think of moving my Craft room.. I will have to show you the before and after.  The new house has a BIG room upstairs that I will be using for my new Craft room.  I can't wait!!   I still have to design our Christmas cards so I can't pack my craft room just yet!!  Now you know why I have been sooooo busy!  Hope everyone has a Happy Halloween!