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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Happy Halloween!

I have been working on making this year's  Halloween card for the kids!  I love it when I can pull out my Halloween dies and use them!  This year I am using the Sizzix Accordion card to display little scenes on each panel.   I love how this card opens and then can collapse to mail.  

I even used some of my Graphic 45 paper to decorate the card!  Here 's few close ups of the card sections. 
I love the little red gems I used for the cat's eyes - the spider and the bat have them too!  Really gives them a eerie quality- Don't ya think?  The skeleton seems to dance on this card .... creepy....
Here's another view- I actually made 2 of these cards - one for each Grandchild!  I spent the day making them and I can't believe how the time flew by!  It was fun!  I have started working on Christmas Cards !  Can you believe it?  I am doing some sample cards to determine which ones I want to use and which ones we will use for the office!  I will post some pictures when I have narrowed the selection down.
I did want to thank everyone for the kind messages that were sent to me after my Mom died.  It was so very comforting to read those e-mails.  Thank you for thinking of me.  I hope everyone has a fabulous Halloween!!