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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Valentine Book Card

I love visiting Elly's blog!  Her cards are so beautiful!  I was inspired by her style of cards - they are all so very feminine!  This is called a Box Card and you can visit Elly's blog to see her Box Card here -
 She also has a link on her blog that will direct you to Tina's fabulous directions.   The dimensions are in centimeters.  I made my card 5" x 6"- so I had 2 strips that measured 5" x 10"  and 2 more strips that measured 6" x 10".   I just loved decorating this box card!  I haven't decided what to put inside.  I think little chocolate candies would be fun!  I plan on making another one and giving them to our girls!


  1. So pretty!!! And nice pic of the studio!!! Great time with all of you yesterday!!! What a bunch of Disney crazy fools we are!! Gotta love it!!!

  2. Love the card! What a great job you did! Great colors!

  3. aah wonderful the inside is,perfect for a valentine.