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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Creating Keepsakes Convention 2011

 I traveled with my sisters, Rochelle &  Connie and our friend, Kathy  to Manchester, NH yesterday for Creating Keepsakes Scrapbooking Convention! It was fabulous!  I do scrapbook but I am much more into making cards so I was a little worried I wouldn't find anything that interested me.   Plus, I am still dealing with the healing of my knee from surgery that I had on April 1st.  Well, not to worry, my knee held up amazingly and the convention was FABULOUS!  I thought I would share a few pictures of the booths we saw as toured the convention!  
 Tami Potter's Mosaic Moments had a booth and I loved her display!  I have done many scrapbook pages using her products and they are so lovely!  I haven't done it in a while so I took a few pictures so I would be inspired to try it again.  You can click on the photos to get a larger view.  She had a wedding page that was sooo pretty!  It is pretty amazing how they come up with so many different ways to use the Mosaic technique.  I really love the results!
Here are my traveling companions and fellow shoppers!  We shopped together for most of the time but the last half hour we did Free-Styling!  That is splitting up and going off in our own direction with instructions on what time and where to meet up again!  Everyone went off on their hunt!! It really was a fun day!

Rochelle, Connie and Kathy!
Just a few more shots of the booths and all they hold.  I really can't wait until next year's convention!  Heartfelt Creations & Outlines Rubber Stamp Co. were some of my favorite booths since they had dies and stamps and beautiful samples of the cards you can make. We spent alot of time there!  One of the great things was that most of the booths have web sites so when we ran out of money - we knew we could shop online another day!

Melissa Frances Booth

Seven Gypsies Booth!

Heartfelt Creations

Outlines Amazing Bling

More Outlines Bling!

Outlines Flowers!


  1. Your pictures really capture the bling we saw. I had great fun with "The Girls". Can't wait to try out the products I bought. Wait'll next year... I'll be ready with more energy and cash...

  2. Yes, I love that you label each picture with the booth that it was! Fun convention!

  3. Thanks for the photo's. Living in Africa we seldom get to see the products before we buy online. I have been interested in Heartfelt Creations dies for a while now and once I saw them in your photo I could see what they were like. Appreciate it.