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Monday, August 1, 2011

Golfer's World

I loved Valita's Golf card!  My husband's birthday is this month and he is an avid golfer.  He lives ,eats and breathes golf!  This is the perfect birthday card for him!   Check out Valita's instructions here-
I happen to have a Jolee's golf club sticker and it fit in perfectly with this card.  I thought the cat tails were perfect too- since I am always in the water when I play golf- not so much Tom but me for sure!  If t here is a water hazard- I am in it!  Thanks Valita for the wonderful idea and instructions!


  1. I saw this card on Splitcoast first and thought the shoes were perfect. The ball should be closer to the hole, though. I bet Tom mentions it.. Hee hee...

  2. this card came out sssooo cute tho, what golfer wouldnt like it!


  3. awesome card! and thanks for lovely comments and the link back

  4. Chris,

    Wonderful sports card! I love the golf shoes and putter. Your cards are always so creative.