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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mickey Mouse!

It won't be long before we go visit Mickey!  We have become a little obsessive in collecting Mickey Mouse stuff!  Flea marketing has become another obsession and it is a great place to find unique Mickeys! Of course, not all of them came from flea markets.  Some were gifts from friends, some were purchased on ebay.  The telephone below is a working phone that when it rings - Mickey's voice comes on to tell you " You have a phone call"!  My grandson love to push the button to hear Mickey's voice-over and over again!

I love the large Mickey teapot below.  The plate is from the 1950's - found at a flea market.  The Wizard is my husband's favorite. 

How can you not smile when you see this collection of Mickey's.  It  makes a bad day- better! My favorite Mickey is in the tuxedo!  Another fav is the Jim Shore Mickey's!  I love them!


  1. oh how i love Micky also. I dont collect him like you do but he is adorable. You cant go wrong with Micky. Its nice your hubby shares your love of him. My fav. too is the teapot.

  2. Mickey is looking good in the Peterson household. What a great collection. Some look very familiar. You can't go wrong with Mickey ...

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  4. wah....i'm so your mickey mouse...i want one....please....huhuhu