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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Princess Tiara & Magic Wand

Where has the time gone?  We are already approaching the 4th week of April! Yikes! I have been busy working on making a Tiara and Magic Wand!  Every birthday girl needs one!  I have a fabulous Grandson who is into Cars and trucks and wouldn't  care a hoot about a tiara or Magic Wand.  I don't have a Granddaughter....sigh...yet..sigh...   But after seeing Becca's Tiara and Magic Wand over on her blog- Amazing Grace...I had to make one!.  Now I am not Becca...sigh...but it is my attempt to channel the Princess in everyone.  So here it is... First, you will want to see Becca's...sigh, it is beautiful!

Maybe I could be her lady in waiting???

I purchased Spellbinder's Persian Accents.  I didn't buy the Persian Motifs, which Becca did use for her tiara.  So I made due with just the Accents.  It makes for a little less height on my tiara but again- A lady in waiting shouldn't have as big a tiara as her Princess- right?  The Medallion on my Magic Wand was made with the die that came with the Persian Accents- I just put 2 together and offset them to make a circle and added some bling. The center was something I purchased from Tate's in Bath - from the notions section.

Spellbinder's Labels Twenty die was used to make the backdrop in white.  I cut it a little more than in half and used a little glue to make sure it stays in place.  This ended up being a very economical to make.  I used Scor Tape to adhere the silver part of the tiara to a silver headband. The headband cost  one dollar! All the bling was part of my stash along with the fluffy feathers - I love using this stuff!!!  Shh...Shh... When no one is around I plan on wearing this beautiful tiara!!! I think it will make me feel like a Queen!!


  1. I didn't realize it was a headband. That is a cool idea. We could wear this at Cindy's tea or make them at my Stampin Up party. Way cool...

  2. Chris,

    Every princess needs a tiara and magic wand! So much work has gone into creating these projects. How do you find the time? Just breathtaking!