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Monday, October 29, 2012

Happy Halloween!

I wanted to post a few pictures of the Witches shoes I made for my co-workers! I have posted the template for these shoes earlier- check out my side bar to find that post.
I love making these shoes- I wanted to use green and black Oreo cookies for the treat but could not find cello bags to use.  I think the candy corn work just fine. It was fun decorating each one a little differently.   Here are a few more pictures!
Back of shoes
Another view
Up close
I wanted to thank everyone, again, for the lovely messages of Sympathy that were sent to me.  It really helped me to deal with the loss of my Mother-in-law.   We are now gearing up for Hurricane Sandy hear in the East.  It is going to be well South of us but I sounds like we are going to get alot of wind and rain.  My brother and his family live in New Jersey- We are praying for them and everyone that lives in that area  today since that seems to be where the Hurricane is coming ashore!   Have a Happy Halloween!


  1. These are toooooooo great!!!!! Love every one of them. Thank you for sharing. I want to make some

  2. These are just gorgeous Chris! I sure wish I worked for you :-) Any openings? I hope your brother is safe in New Jersey. I am in New York and all is well here in my area. Happy Halloween!

  3. These are great shoes! Loved the way that you decorated them, differently with each! Going to give them a try!!

  4. Your shoes are FABulous!! i love them. Hope you are ok up there!!