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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Secret Boxes

 Well, the storm is finally over and the sun is shining!  I got out of work early on Friday and we didn't even open on Saturday!   What a storm!  But it did give me plenty of time in my studio to make these cute Secret Boxes!  I love the size and how cute they are when they are open.  It gives you lots of options for decorating.

I saw Norma's Secret box on Pinterest and was inspired to try my own! She has a link to the tutorial that is on Splitcoast Stampers.  Check out Norma's blog here -

Here is the link to the tutorial on Splitcoast Stampers.  Heather does a great job in her video-

I thought I would show you a couple of pictures of our sun room after the big storm.  The wind was terrific during the storm.  We did get 31.9 inches of snow in this storm.  But the drifting was what was amazing!  That is a snow drift that goes UP our sliding doors.  Yikes!  It looks like an Igloo!!

 We usually don't get any snow on our porch!  We won't be sitting out there enjoying the sun much today!  Tom is going to have to shovel it out!!   I can't wait for Spring to come!!!


  1. The pictures really show how much snow you guys got. You could have been buried alive in that sunroom.
    Love the boxes. So wicked cute. I might give one a try... Thanks for the inspiration. What'cha gonna put in them anyway... ummmm... something yummy?

  2. These little boxes are so cute!! They look like a lot of can tell a lot of thought went into these treasures. Love the pictures of the snow...I can say that sitting in the a/c of Florida! Glad you weathered the storm but I'll bet you are glad it is over even if it means back to work!

  3. Wow! Chris you did get a lot of snow! Thank goodness the temperatures are going to be in the 40's tomorrow and Wednesday so some of this will melt. Love your boxes, so cute!!! Thanks for the links!