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Monday, May 6, 2013

Die Cut Storage Board

I have been looking for a better way to store my die cuts.  I bought several magnetic book type storage products but I don't like not being able to see my die cuts.  I forget I have them!   I happen to see that IKEA sold a magnetic board!  Fabulous- I ordered it!  When it came it only attract magnets- it didn't attract metal objects like die cuts.  RATS!!!  Then.... I noticed that Joann's sold sheets of thin magnetic canvas by Darice.  They sell for about $4.00 a sheet.  I used my Scor tape and covered the whole front of the IKEA board.  I used 4 sheets cutting one up to fit the board.  I ran out at the top left hand side of the board.  I will get one more to complete it.  Now, I can see the die cuts that I store on this board!!!  I love it!!! Here are a few more pictures-
I use a peg board to store the most commonly used dies cuts. But the magnetic board is not too far away from my work area. 
 I have this board almost filled.  Yikes!  I think I will probably make another one when I can't squeeze anymore dies on the board!


  1. I love this idea.... I have the same issues. It looks like those sheets of magnetic canvas are really very strong. The magnetic sheets I have don't hold very well at all. I'm addicted to stamping and die cutting so this is a great idea for Thanks for sharing

  2. Wow.. What a great idea. I think I can do this too; except I will have to do it on a slanted surface. But I think it will work. Thanks for thinking outside the box and sharing..

  3. Chris,

    Your craft room is amazing! What a fantastic idea for your die cuts. Everything right at your fingertips!

  4. It is a great idea for dies. Gonna have to use your idea! Thanks