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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Gurnet Trading Company

 My husband and I found this great place to eat in Gurnet!   We love the rustic look of this restaurant- our kinda place!  It is not far from Cook's Corner, Brunswick.   I can't believe we have never been there before!   You can check out their website to see their menu-

We find the best food tend to be in places that look like, well, that they wouldn't have the best food.  We went out with my sister and her husband and really enjoyed the whole experience - from the food to the atmosphere!  It is right beside the road and does not have tons of parking.  But you can eat inside or outside- there are picnic tables where you can eat beside the water.

I love they way they let you know your meal is ready!  These cute little lobsters light up when the food is done!

The inside is just as rustic as the outside!  This is the lobster tank!  Nice decorations!

And of course, the usual tourist stuff! 

 I should have taken pictures of the food!   But we were so hungry when it came- I forgot!  All in all- it was a great experience!  Since we were there during the week - it wasn't quite as busy!  Next time we will eat at the picnic tables but we were worried about the weather.  It has cooled off a little but now we have rain!  Oh, well, good weather is just around the corner.... I hope...

I even loved their sign!

Rustic decorations!  Love it!


  1. Ooooh, I am so jealous, it has been so long since me and my husband have had lunch in such a quaint setting. I know they are still around but you really have to look. Here in Orlando, all we have are chain restaurants.

  2. What a great place. Loved the food and the atmosphere . I felt like I was on a wharf. Thanks for inviting us to go with ya...but where are the pics of the food?

  3. Love your pictures! Very colorful place! Looks like a lot of fun too!!