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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Craft Room Carousel!

 I love my new Carousel for my craft room! I saw the idea on Pinterest and thought it was a fabulous idea!  You can check out Taniesa's blog for more pictures of her Carousel.   I even love the name of her blog- The Crafty Pickle!  Thank you, Taniesa for such a great idea!


I paid about $25.00 for the Carousel. They have them at Best Buy! They are made by Keurig and called the Kue.  They are really made to hold the Keurig coffee cups.  Don't make a mistake and buy the shorter carousels.  This one is pretty tall.  The mini cups I used are at Walmart for about $3.99 and come with the covers.   I can see into the cups easily!  The cups hold my beads and such for making Chunky Charms!

 I love finding things that help organize my Craft Room.  Below, you can see the Banana Stand that I use when I am making my Chunky Charms.  I love using the charms to decorate mini albums or whatever!  It 's my new fun thing to do!