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Sunday, March 30, 2014

"POP - UP" Easter Card

I have been working on making a real POP UP card.  I bought a commercial pop card and wanted to see if I could recreate the same mechanism.  The mechanism wasn't hard but decorating it was a challenge since everything has to be able to close and then pop when you open it!   The inside of this card has an elastic band that works to make the card Pop up when it is opened.  It's a little different in that you are decorating it on the corner of the box not the center of the box.   Check out the video below to show how it reacts when opened.

This is the card before I started to add some decorations.  I had 2 elastic bands but decided I only needed one.  I used Graphic 45 paper to decorate!

I think I will try to make another one and see what I can come up with for ideas to decorate!
  I think it was on line pictures of the  CHA show this winter where  I saw pictures of a boat that had Graphic 45 for the sails.  I thought it was really nice so I wanted to try it myself!
I went Junk'in recently with my sisters and found this great small ship's model for $15.00!!   In the picture below, I am removing the sails and replacing them with Graphic 45's By the Sea paper!!  I love this new collection by Graphic 45!

This is the front!
and the back...

It has a special place in my Craft room!   Can you believe that April is just around the corner!  What a winter!  I am some happy that it is almost over.  Bring on Spring!!



  1. Love the way your card came out! Also love the graphic 45 sails on your boat! It came out cool!!!

  2. OK Chris, how did you make that box??? I am now addicted to making the 'Card in a Box', this one looks a bit harder. Love the sail boat. Thanks for all your inspiration.
    Rene from OZ xo

    1. Hi Rene,
      I am considering a tutorial when I can find the time! Thank you for your message!

  3. Love you Pop Up Easter card Fantastic In Friendship Nelliebly

  4. Congrats on figuring it out. Looks great. The sailboat came out great, too. Might try it on mine..

  5. Chris,

    Amazing! You really know how to make your pop ups!!! I love the way you transformed those boat sails. Happy crafting!

  6. Great minds think alike! I left out the rubberband activation, though.

  7. Wow that's a really creative pop-up card. It will be great to write my Easter wishes on it. Very original and unique. Thanks for sharing!

  8. your pop ups are so of these days I will have to give them a try
    love what you did with that gorgeous boat

  9. Love your pop card! Great Easter card and the colors are perfect! The boat is beautiful, graphic 45 paper is gorgeous!!!