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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Stockholm Maine 2014 vacation!

We just got back from vacationing on Madawaska Lake in Northern Maine!  The weather was just perfect!    The photo above was the view from our camp that we rented for 1 week!   It was the first time we rented this camp and it was just right for Tom and I and my sister and her husband and my Mom!

My brother in law, Russ, used the kayak one afternoon and then my sister went with him in the paddle boat another afternoon.   The lake was calm and looked like glass for most of our stay!  We all played lots of golf at Limestone and Caribou Golf courses.  It was great to spend so much time outside!

Here are a few shots from out travels around Stockholm, Maine.  It is so beautiful at the lake!  The countryside is beautiful too!  It was really tough to leave!

We saw geese every morning!

Yup, lots of Potato fields

If not potato then grain! So beautiful!
My sister and I took some craft projects with us to work on when we could.  There was a great area just off the kitchen that gave us plenty of space to work!  I am working on another Slide N Glide card that I hope to have ready soon.  It involves lots of cats!    I loved our stay in Northern Maine but it is always nice to come home! 

Until next year!


  1. I wanted to send you an email and tried the one shown in your profile. It came back as not working. Please advise.

    Thank you for the wonderful inspirations.

  2. These are such great pictures! Love the one of the geese!! Glad you all had a wonderful week! Looks very peaceful!!

  3. We had such fun! Can't wait until next time...