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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Cousin's Birthday

My husband's cousin is celebrating a birthday this week!  I had to take some time and make her a birthday card!  I love, love the card in a box designs and I love making this fun type of card.  This one looks like a birthday celebration to me!

I used a bunch of different pink papers from my stash.  The "cheers" stamp is from a Stampin up stamp set - the name escapes me.
I am working on a bunch of different projects for my sister, Adrianne's up coming bridal shower.  The happy event is in April but I have plenty of fun stuff to do- favors, banners and general decorations.  I can't wait !!!  The funest part is - I am doing the shower with my sisters!  I think it is going to be memorable!!
Last picture is above!  This is a very girly card!   I loved making it!  As soon as I can show some of my projects - I will!  But I don't want my sister to I want to show you some pictures of my new craft room too.... It's a mess now but I am having some fun!!  Hope your weekend is fun too!!


  1. Love the stars and all the pink!! Great card!

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