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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Post Halloween 2015

I hope everyone had a fun Halloween!  We had about 18 kids come Trick or Treating to our house!  We saw some great costumes!  When a button is pressed on the Witch above- she twirls and laughs...a really spooky laugh!   The kids loved her!   I love Halloween!  Now onward to work on Christmas cards and treat boxes!

These boxes are the Self closing boxes that I saw on Pinterest! I think they are adorable.   I used the tutorial from Stamping with Dawn located here:

I love making these boxes since they are really easy!  Dawn's instructions are great!  The picture above shows how you can put a sentiment on the back of the box. I made 2 different Santa boxes but not sure which one I like best.
The picture below shows a visitor we had in our back yard on Saturday!  Hope you can see her- she was very brave to come so close to our back porch.  I could have watched her forever!  They are so beautiful!  When she ran off - she looked so light on her feet - like she was prancing thru the woods.  We have seen so many deer around our house - especially in the morning on our way to work.  Fall is my favorite time of  year- except I know what is to come.....


  1. Great Halloween Witch!! Love the Christmas treat bags!!

  2. Hi Chris, I too love Halloween. Unfortunately we only had 2 kids this year. I bet your animated witch was a big hit. Your Santa treat boxes are adorable!