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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Halloween is coming!

This year I made Halloween treat holders for my staff!  I wanted to find round test tubes for my project but couldn't find a one anywhere.  I ended up using 8 inch square test tubes but they worked well since they held more candy.  Of course, now I see the round ones everywhere.

I loved using some of my Halloween paper stash!  I was inspired by some of the tutorials on Pinterest to make these holders.  I searched Halloween favors and a whole bunch of tutorials came up.  I had to adjust mine since the test tubes are so tall.

On Sunday, we are headed to my sister, Andrea's house to make snow globes!  I think this will put me in a Christmas mood.  I have started making my Christmas cards - so that should help!  I am early this year since usually I am running around last minute just trying to come up with an idea for Christmas cards.  Not this year!!

Can't wait for Halloween!  We don't get tons of Trick or Treaters but it is fun to see the kids in costumes.  We have decorated the front porch with a Skeleton and a Witch and some bats.  I will try and send pictures - Hubby found this cool scary plastic cover for our front door- we might have a lot of Halloween candy left over if it is too scary.    Hope everyone has a safe and scary Halloween!


  1. Great Idea Chris - love the idea of the sizzix die for the tops of the holders.

  2. Love these Halloween treat holders. What did you use for the test tube holders, is there a tutorial or maybe a die?????

  3. I really love the square tubes, where did you get them? Can you send me the tutorial for this project? Also, where did you get the top part of the holder? I have a great idea for Christmas using this. Thx Debbie -

  4. I was thinking the same thing....making these for Christmas. I would like to know where you found the square tubes also and the tutorial if you would???