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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Snowman Hugs!

I wanted to share the cards I made for our Grandson's for Christmas this year.  I loved these cute snowmen!

When you open them it is like you are giving the kids a little hug!

You can see the instructions for this adorable card here -

Here is a update to the Center Island that my husband built for me!  We had looked everywhere to buy one but couldn't find the right size or price!  So he made one for me!!  I love it!

Here it is after we painted it!  I Hemmed and Hawed over the color- but I love how it ties in since we have chairs and a smaller cupboard this color.

This picture is of the side that faces the sink.  It is open but it works for us since we can just pull out those small appliances that we use most often.

It is so much larger than the island that we were using.  The previous island has no storage at all.

Oh, did you want to see where that island ended up- Yup... my Craft room!  It really gives me more
space to work on.  I just added it as an extension to my white working desk.  I can put stools up to it so that when I have company- they have a work area too!


  1. I love, love the ear muffs!! Tom is a great carpenter! Love the finished island!!

  2. Although its amazing, where can you write on this card?