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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Retirement Thank you cards

Well, I am now officially retired!  Last week we spent the week at Disney World in Orlando!  What better way to celebrate!  I was busy before I left trying to make all the Thank you cards that I needed to send.  I love Stampin Up's new Stylish Stem dies!  I layered the small die on top of the larger one to give it some dimension.  They are so pretty and really easy to make!

I received so many flowers from everyone!  The bouquet below was from my employer, Norway Savings Bank.  I was there for almost 15 years!  The flowers below are from  Skillins's Greenhouse in Falmouth, Maine!  They do a fabulous job!  Aren't they  beautiful!  Believe it or not- they are still beautiful after a week away on vacation!  That's me below- did you see the little boxes I made with Stampin Up's Curvy Keepsake die?  They were fun to make since I made them all different and filled them with Hershey's kisses.    I am still getting used to being retired!  I really miss my wonderful staff.  I think that is what has been the hardest - not seeing them everyday.  I am trying to keep busy so I won't wonder what they are up to....

 The next couple of pictures are of some of the flowers I received.  I thought it might be nice to see them since we are in the middle of a blizzard here in Maine!  Boo Hoo!  I was hoping Spring would be closer..It is supposed to be 6 days away.  Hard to believe!  They are talking about more snow on the weekend but not as much as we are getting now- 18- 22 inches!!  Really...!!

I can't leave you without at least one or two pictures of our trip to Disney!
This one is of the fireworks at Epcot!  My favorite!
The one below is of the new attraction at Animal Kingdom-River of Light!  I loved it! 
I will leave you now- since hubby and I are going out to snow blow so that we won't have 2 feet to blow tomorrow.  Fun! Stay safe!


  1. Wow! Your flowers are stunning! Shows how much you are loved! Love your curvy boxes too! Enjoy your retirement! TFS!

  2. The party at the Bank was fun! Love the all the decorations you made and the thank you card is sooo pretty! Retirement is great!!

  3. Congratulations on your retirement, Chris! Can't wait to see all the wonderful crafty projects you come up with now that (hopefully) you'll have more time to play! Best Wishes!