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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Halloween Mini Cup Holders

I just love these adorable Mini Coffee Cups!  I am going out to dinner tonight with some friends and thought this would make a cute little gift!  They are so easy to make too!  I found the instructions on Pinterest.  You can look at Dawn's tutorial on the link below.  She does a great job explaining how to make them.

The little cups hold a surprising amount of candy!  The M & M's are the larger cookies and cream version for Halloween.  I love decorating these adorable cups!  I found them on Amazon but I know there are several places you can purchase them on line.

I have several bat dies and loved using them on the end of the gold straws I have had in my stash.  The google eyes make them just that much creepier.  I found the little round orange glitter balls at Michael's.

Here is another version below of a holder for these cute cups.  The carrier handle is in the center.   They can be used for anything! I haven't decorated this one as yet but it is ready when the need comes!   Here is the link to the instructions on Inking Idaho's blog.

I love these so much I may make them for the Holiday season too!  Have a great day!


  1. Thanks for the idea of these little coffee cups! I am heading to my craftroom to make them for Rosalie and Amelia for Halloween! So cute!!