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Sunday, August 5, 2018

Summer 2018

I think this picture says it all!  It has been a busy summer!!! We have family here visiting from away and it has been go go go! Nothing but parties and fun, fun!  No chance to work in my craft room ...except I am still having fun working on Quilted Christmas balls.  

All my sisters, except Adrianne who had to work, got together and went to Kennebunkport for some shopping!  Now I love shopping but with this hot weather it's almost a chore.  We did  have fun! Kennebunkport is so beautiful!

The photo below is of my sisters - Andrea and Phillis!  You can't tell from my photo but it is the back of a carved fish in front of a store!  Great photo op!!

Now I took the picture of the birds 'cause I thought they were hilarious! I think I could make one!

These looked like painted rocks in a gallery!!

We had lunch at Allisson's and it was fabulous... and air conditioned!  I could have stayed all day!

Shopping was great but the views were so breath taking!  Saw this just walking back to the car!

Hope my sister's don't kill me but here they are - minus one!  It was a fun day for sure!!

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