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Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Christmas in May?

I have been wanting to make this type of Advent Calendar forever!  Now that the Spring Craft fair is over- I am working on the 2 Craft fairs we will be doing in November.  I thought this might be something people would like. Below is a picture of another side of the Advent Calendar. 

The best fun is decorating all the sides.  I used Stampin Up's wreath for the side shown above.  The gold deer you can just see is from Stampin Up too. 

I used Tim Holtz knobs for the pulls on the drawers.  Check out Kirsten's tutorial -
She gives good instructions - although she only does one level- you just have to increase your levels to get all 24 days in.  You can look at Pinterest for many ideas too!

The other thing I have been working on are the Gnomes below.  I saw some on Pinterest and fell in love with them.  The body is some old wooden thread spools I had in my stash.  I glued some wooden balls from Joann's to the body for the head.  In fact, the feet on my Advent Calendar above are what I used for their heads!  I think I will make a bunch more for the Craft Fair.  

I had to share these last pictures of our Grandson, Everett.  He is playing in his first T-Ball game.  Can you see the determination on his face.  He is very serious about his game!  We loved watching him with the other kids getting used to playing this game.  Such fun doing the Grandparent thing!


  1. How much would you charge for the Advent Calendar at a craft fair?

  2. Hi Judy- We will be asking $40.00 for the Advent Calendar. I do the fairs with my sister's and we do have a lot of fun!

  3. Love the gnomes. So cute! Cannot wait to try the advent box.