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Monday, September 30, 2019

Craft Fair items continued

Just a quick post to show you more projects I have been working on for the Italian Heritage Christmas Fair in Portland, Me. on November 2nd.  This Kimekomi cone is 9 inches tall - not the larger one that is 15 inches.   But these are fun to make too!  

Love the Christmas lights hanging from the top!  I am really into Gnomes this year!

I decided to do a Christmas Explosion box.  Love decorating these guys! 

I used a plastic Christmas ornament ( that comes apart) for the inside of the box. 
Love, love the little truck with the Christmas tree in the back!

One of the inserts says - All roads lead home at Christmas time!

This is one of my favorite Dr. Seuss sentiments!

I had to make a New Baby Girl Explosion box since we sold the 
last one I made at the Spring Craft Fair.  I still have the Little Boy Explosion box
so it felt right to make the Little Girl Box.   Love the little Pacifier handing off the box with the little rocking horse. 

Here is the inside of the box.  Just a sweet little rocking crib.  Hope someone will
like this box!
Well, we have sold the house and the plan is to close the end of October.   I will keep you posted as to where we will be going.  I know we have plans to stay in Florida again this year to avoid Maine's long winters.  But not sure when we will be going this year.  Tom and I are going on a new adventure and soon we will be homeless.   If we don't find a home here in Maine right away- we plan on staying with my sister and her husband in Yarmouth.  It's comforting to know we can stay with them!
It is getting colder each week here- I have been playing lots of golf and crafting too!  The Craft Fair is right around the corner.  Won't be long now!