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Sunday, July 4, 2021

Summer Fun

I have been having fun working in my craft room lately! I made a Hershey bar wrap from an SVG file from My Scrap Chick. It is actually the Dracula candy wrap but I used yellow paper and cut off Dracula's ears. I love how it came out!
This card is also from My Scrap Chick's site. What a cute card to make! There is a video on how to put it together too! It's a Freebie too!
These next cards are from Sam at Mixed Up Craft! She has fabulous card designs and great tutorials that help you put them together! I don't have the dies she used since they were all sold out but I used my Cricut to make the stars and the hearts- Here are a few more pictures of those cards-
I haven't decorated all of them as yet. They are such fun to make!!
Lastly,I haven't stopped working on Home Decor projects! This picture is of a tray I am working on. I used IOD transfers to add some interest. I am going to add the handles to it as well! Hope your summer is going well! It is nice to see things opening up again! Take card and talk soon!!