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Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Another Disney inspiration! We took a boat ride from Boardwalk to Hollywood Studios while we were on vacation last week.  You see this boat as you pass the Dolphin and Swan resorts.   I have made boats before but the sails on this boat really caught my eye and it is what inspired me to make my Pirate ship!
I haven't decided how I will use this card- as a birthday card or just a Hello!  I am thinking of sentiments like,  Ahoy Maties!  or It's Yar Birthday!  I won't add sentiments until I am sure. I saw several Pirate owls that certainly inspired my owls.  I loved the owl that is shown here-
  I thought I would show you a few pictures on how I made the boat. I used Sizzix Spiral die for the boat.



  1. Great job on the boat! I gotta get me that spiral die cut. You use it alot, I know. The owls are precious. I have got to make a pirate owl, just 'cause they are so darn cute. Nice work...

  2. This is wonderful! I love your boat and I have the spiral die-gonna give it a try!

  3. OMG! I don't know how you come up with these wonderful ideas. Those pirate owls are way too cute!

  4. Ok, I just have to say this:
    There is NO WAY I can ever be as clever and creative as the women who make punch art like this!!
    Seriously, you have a LOT of talent and creativity and I stand (sit) in awe.
    Well done. Simply amazing!