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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Easter Basket

I have made another Easter basket!  I made several others but I just love how easy they are to make and fun to decorate.  You can find the instructions here
The tulip on the basket is Valita's  Owl Punch Tulip!  I had to see if I could make them!  They are super easy and so pretty!  You can find her video instructions on her blog-     

I am posting tonight since I will out of comission for a few days!  An MRI revealed I had a Meniscus tear in my knee.  Actually, there are 2 tears on either side of my knee.  The surgery is scheduled for the morning and isn't supposed to be too bad.  But the recover may take awhile.  Since my computer is upstairs and my Studio is in the cellar- I am thinking I won't be working on either for a few days!    Any prayers for me are much welcomed!  Here is a picture of the other side of my basket!   I will be back soon!


  1. Love the tulip.. I've got to make one. Rochelle's looked great, too. The basket is adorable. The colors work so well together.
    Praying for a good recovery from your surgery...

  2. Thinking of you this morning, hope all goes well with your surgery! By the way, great Easter basket with the tulips. Valita is sooooo creative! Love your colors!

  3. Im lovin your Easter creations! well done and thanks for the links back :)

  4. Love this Chris! And I wanted to let you know that your Easter Baskets have been featured on our Showcase Sisters blog today! Have a great day!