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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ezra's Vacation!

We have had the company of our grandson, Ezra since Friday!  What a joy it is to be able to spend some time with him.  Every day has been an adventure!  He lives with his parents on the island of North Haven- about a 1 hour ferry ride from Rockland. Here is Ezra and his Mom.  He is almost 4 years old and very much in love with Lightening McQueen from the movie CARS!  That little car goes everywhere with him!  Here are some of the sights on our trip to the island-

My ride to the island coming to pick me up!

Views of the harbor as we approach
He went home yesterday and I miss him muchly!!  The house is quiet without his smiling face.  I can't wait to see them again soon- I hope!  Here are more pictures of the day I spent with them on the island.  I guess now I will have more time to spend in my studio since I am still on vacation!

North Haven Harbor

They have chicks now!

So adorable!

The whole family!



  1. Hi Chris,

    Wonderful family photos! The island looks beautiful and so peaceful. I just want to hold one of those baby chicks!

  2. Great pictures. The ferry ride out to the island is so pretty.. Love the coast of Maine. Miss Ezra already...