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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Remodeled Chest of Drawers

This has been my project for the last couple of days!

I have wanted to change the decor in our guest room to more of a beach theme.   But the bureau in that room was this big dark piece of furniture -not beachy at all.  I painted the bottom half a gray, white.
I sanded down the drawers and then stained with MinWax a pecan color. That was time consuming but fun!

The top was a challenge too.  I decided to decoupage the top with a map.  My sister, Connie had given me several old maps that I loved.  The colors were perfect for the top! Connie helped me add the map to the top!  Wow, that was a job trying to get out all the air bubbles!  It was a 2 person job for sure!

I love the result!  I am still putting the layers of poly on it but it is looking good!  This will add a little nautical feel to the room!  I sanded the edges to give it a little bit of a used look.    I also changed out the knobs for the top of the bureau-but still looking for new draw pulls for the bottom half!  With that done- I am headed back into my Studio for some more fun! 


  1. The pictures really don't do it justice. The bureau is gorgeous. Wish everyone could see it in person. I am inspired, but with moving and all my ideas will have to wait awhile. Thanks for the inspiration as always great ideas.

  2. oh thats wonderful Chris, you did a fantastic job!... when i get to do my Marilyn Monoe one done I'll post too. Thanks for sharing

  3. Hi Chris,

    You and Connie did a fantastic job remodeling your dresser! What a transformation. I love the map idea for the top. Wish I had someone to decorate with.

  4. Love it. Great job.