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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Callie's Birthday!

My daughter will turn 30 on June 7th!  It is hard to believe!  Where have the years gone?  She is married and has a little one of her own now.  But I still remember the days when she was just a little tyke.  My Mom & Dad used to say, " Enjoy these days because they go by so fast"! As usual, they were so right!  I made her what she would call a "Girlie" card.  I couldn't help it! I found Kellie Reynold's youtube tutorials on how to make 3D couture dresses!  Her instructions are easy to follow and her dresses are fabulous!   She has done  11 video tutorials of these dresses.   They are all adorable!  Check out her 11th video here-

Kellie's web site is

Here is an inside photo of Callie's card.  I hope she likes it!!

 Here is a photo of my little one- I may have shown it before but I can't resist showing it again!....Happy Birthday, Callie!  I hope you have a fabulous birthday!  Love you!


  1. I love this picture of Callie...Hard to believe our kids have grown up... The card is gorgeous. I want to try one... Great job!!!

  2. This is the prettiest dress I have ever seen! Ok, Chris now tell me how long it took you to make this card? Thank you for the link and I have bookmarked it for another day ... when I have like 4 hours to make a card :-)

  3. I love that picture of Callie too! Your card is so cute and I steal this idea for Lindsey's birthday!

  4. Hello Chris,
    The card and Callie are beautiful - this will be a treasure - my grandmother's name was Callie - I love that name! I have enjoyed my visit and am your newest follower,

    1. Hi Kathy!

      Callie is an unusual name! It was my father's mohter's name. I love it! I think it is an old fashion name that is making a come-back! Thank you for sharing and I am happy to have you as a follower!!

  5. You did a wonderful job on the dress. Just beautiful. I will have to check out that youtube site so I can try to make one myself. TFS